Rock Lines Throwback Thursday: Glass Harp and Kent Stage Preview!

Today’s Thursday Throwback features Glass Harp, one of legendary bands from Youngstown, Ohio. Glass Harp featured the incredible guitarist Phil Keaggy, bassist, Daniel Pecchio and drummer, Jon Sferra. The band released 3 studio albums, ‘Glass Harp’ (1970), ‘Synergy’ (1971) and ‘It Makes Me Glad’ (1972). Each album was progressive, lyrically inspired and stunning. Glass Harp toured heavily in […]

The Top 10 Classic Power Trio’s of Rock! (Part 3 of 10)

Jim Carver reviews 10 Classic Rock power trios.  Who do you think the top trios in Rock history should be? We’d love to read your comments! Today, we take a look at the #8 slotted band!  #8 Glass Harp Is it true, Jimi Hendrix was once asked who was the best guitarist in the world and Jimi’s response was: ‘I […]

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