Effective Immediately: Major Change at The Rust Belt Chronicles!

Last week, I mentioned that I would be making a major announcement regarding The Rust Belt Chronicles. If you’re lucky, there comes a time when you discover rare talent with a distinct focus of passion and kindness.  Add the fortitude, precision insight, perceptual awareness with a 7th business sense on steroids and you’d think I am writing about someone who has a higher […]

Marching Toward Opportunity!

My friend, Mark Maxwell, recently told me this story about our deceased and loved high school band director, Mr. David A.Wells after learning of my job loss. When David A. Wells was looking for a job, he applied at his Alma mater and was turned down. Not willing to give-up, he applied and was hired […]

10 reasons- Why You Should read This Book!

  It was written from the heart. It is a success story. We get bombarded daily with bad news stories; it’s time to read something positive! It was written to honor a friend and outstanding organization. It is an enjoyable, interesting read of winning, losing, pride, joy, sweat, laughter, and tears. It is a timeless […]

Lessons Learned in Commission Sales!

12/01/2012 The local markets in Lexington, Ohio are no longer carrying my book. Sales through Wayne’s Country Market dissipated to the point of not justifying shelf space. The other shop basically ripped me off by losing a portion of my sales money or failed to charge correctly on a half a dozen books. This was […]

He simply- Watched, Listened and Learned!

I remember during my first book signing, many classmates, old friends, teachers and former board members made an appearance. It was an exciting moment, but at the same time a bit awkward.The biggest surprise came when a local TV crew arrived with a newspaper reporter from a local newspaper to interview me. I was definitely […]

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