Don’t Let this Be You!

  Dan Miller must have read my mind. What perfect timing to read his blog. As some of you know, I was recently laid-off by the organization I gave nearly 32 years of my life too. I am 56 years-old and between my age, health and spending years in a job that wasn’t advancing my […]

Are You Connecting with People?

Two weeks ago, I found myself unemployed. Laid-off, as in job eliminated. Nearly 32 years at the same organization and I was tossed to the curb. The same organization laid-off my wife 6 months ago, after nearly 33 years of service.  It was an interesting month. Our health insurance expired in February and I just […] A Great Way to Connect!

One of the best decisions I made early on in my blogging career was to join the forums at discovered the forum by purchasing Dan Miller’s best-selling book, “48 Days to The Work You Love”. The book guided me to Dan’s featured site- and it was there; I learned of When I […]

Failing, Losing and Winning

We don’t encourage people to be creative. Rarely, do we ask people to do something meaningful. We spend far more time telling folks: No- you can’t. You have no experience. Somebody else has already done it. Nobody’s ever done it. You don’t have the money, education or time. It won’t work. You better get permission. […]

The Difference Makers!

Several days ago, I wrote a blog about the apparent political choices inducing a negative outcome between government, employers and employees. The day after the election some companies began to introduce massive layoffs and/ or the reduction of full-time jobs with benefits. I failed to cover some obvious positive possibilities during that blog due to […]

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