We are Proud to Announce Our Latest Sponsor: Metronome Music in Mansfield, Ohio!

  On behalf of The Rust Belt Chronicles, I am proud to announce Metronome Music as our latest sponsor!  We are thrilled to be working with the finest privately owned music store in Ohio and look forward to adding our musical reach to this fine store. We are fortunate to be recognized by this musical jewel […]

Somebody is Everybody’s Customer!

Last evening, I was watching an online program and it brought back some painful memories about customer service and everybody involved. During the program, the restaurant business was going badly with customers dissatisfied with their dinners at a frightening rate and when the server was asked if it bothered him. All he could say was: […]

The Heart of Amish Country

Saturday, we travelled to the heart of Amish Country in Wayne County, Ohio. The peak colors of fall had passed a week ago, so I was hoping for less tourists and traffic to navigate. I should’ve picked a day during the week; it was still crazy with too many crowded shops and congested traffic. I […]

The Problem of Mass- Just ask General Motors!

We’ve seen the history of mass during the Industrial Revolution. It has taken the form of: production, factories, transportation, food, retailers, riots, consumption, marketing, start-ups, dotcoms, healthcare, layoffs, moving overseas and closures. Anyone see a mass pattern here? During the 1960’s, it was common to find severalgas stations at any major intersection in the United […]

Bigger = Better?

  Businesses spent huge sums of dollars advertising their product or specialty; yet the closest contact often fails to engage the customers.   Does anyone actually listen to the “Big Box” greeter? Nothing against the greeter, but why not allow the employee the freedom to express himself in his message? The opportunity exists to create a […]

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Advertise With Us!

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