Are You Connecting with People?

Two weeks ago, I found myself unemployed. Laid-off, as in job eliminated. Nearly 32 years at the same organization and I was tossed to the curb. The same organization laid-off my wife 6 months ago, after nearly 33 years of service.  It was an interesting month. Our health insurance expired in February and I just […]

What the System Doesn’t Want You to Know!

It’s funny when situations don’t get rubber stamped for the industrialized system. Those folks have wielded so much power by having their way for 4 generations. Everyone should understand their position of authority, need and circumstance. Few without representation bother to speak-out, stand-up or say “no.” The system has managed to exhort their influence through […]

Capitalism at its Finest?

It’s amazing how organizations are so obsessed in using power, fear and control to manipulate and market themselves as a moral entity. Organizations use “spin” to market their agenda and often create more harmful results than good. Even more pitifully, the process is repeatedly used resulting in reduced customer satisfaction and trust. Is it any […]

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Advertise With Us!

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