Hue Is The Only One Safe; Who’s Worse: ’99 Browns, ’08 Lions Or ’16 Browns?

  In NFL history, there has only been five winless seasons, but only two are repeatedly brought up: the ’76 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (debut season; 0-14) and the ’08 Detroit Lions (0-16). The Bucs also lost the first twelve games of the following season to set the NFL record for consecutive losses at 26-straight. The […]

GPODAWUND: It’s Not About Wins And Losses

Since 1999, we have been married to the Cleveland Browns with hopes of success. I for one, have only seen a couple winning seasons in my life. The more I think about it, I’ve only seen three winning seasons: 1994, 2002 and 2007. Two of those seasons resulted in playoff appearances. That being said, I […]

Browns Have Bigger Issues Than Who Is Under Center

  The Buckeyes had a hard fought win at Wisconsin last night. The Indians are up 2-0 on Toronto in the American League Championship Series. So it’s amazing that two joyous days can be erased by three hours of incompetence. I’m dusting off the keyboard today, and unfortunately, it’s because the Browns are absolutely horrendous. […]

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