The Decision!

Yesterday’s blog was a big deal for me. I’ve committed myself to going forward with a new project. Will it succeed and fill a void? I certainly hope so. A few people are excited and so it’s good to have a little momentum to back me. It’s not going to be an easy road to […]

The American Spirit!

  “Those who will not govern themselves are condemned to find masters to govern over them” – Steven Pressfield We have two main political parties in the USA. One group believes the government should take care of the poor and provide prosperity. The other group of people wants less government involvement for assistance to run […]

The Door is Open!

Many of the things we could achieve in our lives are within our grasp today. We no longer need permission from a higher authority to begin. Recognition by the fraternity, a degree or license isn’t necessary. The door is open! Find your passion, spread the idea and build your tribe. Do what you’ve always dreamed […]

Gate A is Now Open- Proceed with Choices!

In 1975, I graduated from high school. Back in those days the options available upon graduation were: Attend College Join the Military Get a job (most likely in a factory) . Gatekeepers controlled information and access to everything. Our choices and lives were limited and predictable. The Internet is changing us to a non-permission based […]

Why? The question we should always ask.

I was always the kid who went where he was told not to go. The curiosity of “why” was all I needed. As you can imagine my experiences have multiplied throughout my life. I’ve been a bit daring, risky and walked to the edge. The quest to understand behaviors and thinking processes have consumed my […]

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