The 42 Eighty Concert Club in Brunswick, Ohio: Nothing Beats a Party and a Song!

  All Photos: Joe Kleon/G4orce Studios. It’s not too often I walk into a club and immediately feel comfortable. Nor, do most clubs remind me of the days of my youth when Rock and Roll was king and attending a show was simply fun without having to worry about drama or worse. The opportunity to spend […]

The Miracle of Cleveland – Winning A Championship!

The 1975-76, Cleveland Cavaliers were known for their heroics and last second game winning shots, along with their savvy determination and never quit attitude. That team was the first Cavaliers team to win the Central Division title and defeated the Washington Bullets in Game 7 with a last second shot by Dick Snyder. In fact, three of the […]

Defending David Blatt (This is Ridiculous)

“Winners want the ball…when the game is on the line.” -Gene Hackman, The Replacements Another typical day in Cleveland sports. Despite getting an 86-84 win over the Chicago Bulls, fans still aren’t happy unless there is something to complain about. After Derrick Rose tied the game 84-84, David Blatt TRIED to call a timeout. That […]

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