Feast or Famine of a Free Spirit!

It’s been a strange week. I had my first rehearsal with a group of friends supporting an up-and coming artist on Tuesday. It isn’t a normal band type situation as I am learning the pre-recorded percussion parts and merely being a backup musician. I am hoping there will be some “freedom” to be somewhat creative […]

The Rust Belt Chronicles is Expanding!

The Rust Belt Chronicles is going to expand. I haven’t decided the number of days I will publish or if it will be a weekly journal; but I want to open The Rust Belt Chronicles as afree news source that asks the tough questions and does something meaningful at the same time. We won’t be […]

Getting Noticed!

The other day I tweeted to author and former CEO of Thomas Crown Publishing, Michael Hyatt, to ask if the new Get Noticed! Theme would possibly include a tool to push a blog out to various social media sources. When publishing a blog 15-20 minutes is spent sending the article to 10 other social media and […]

Why Blog?

  I started to blog after realizing the power of networking with others through social media. I figured it could benefit my forthcoming book sales and it was fun. I soon discovered blogging was therapeutic and perhaps I could inspire someone, somewhere. I had no idea what it could lead to at the time. Blogging […]

You are Amazing!

Earlier this week, I was surprised to see Seth Godin had provided a link within one of his blogs of his latest book reviews of The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly at Amazon.com. My review was displayed on the last page of reviews. It’s pretty cool to be considered an early adopter of […]

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Advertise With Us!

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