Larry Ritter of The Rust Belt Chronicles receives a Nice Surprise!

Our journalist/photographer, Larry Ritter, received a pleasant surprise by John Payne of Payne Productions and our friends at 99.7 The Blitz radio station in Columbus, Ohio. Larry was quoted from his review of the recent Grindhouse show at Alrosa Villa by The Blitz. The stunning photograph of Grindhouse drummer, Felixx Alvis was captured by John Payne of Payne Productions. Mr. Payne was covering the […]

The Rust Belt Chronicles reaches a New Milestone!

The Rust Belt Chronicles achieved a first for us, by earning over 10,000 visitors to our website this month. We’ve also reached over 18,000 people through our Facebook page, which is another record for any given month, since our existence. What’s really surprising is the statistics we’ve received took place during the slowest concert month of the entire year! I am confident […]

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Advertise With Us!

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