Spotlight Band: Cleveland’s DOSE

Dose promo photo.

Dose promo photo. Photo credit to Blind 7 Photography.

If you’re into metal and you have been out-n-about the Cleveland music scene in the last couple of decades, I’m sure that somewhere along the line you have either ran into or seen Jay (guitar) and Jeff Morrow (drums) whether you realized it or not. The Morrow twins have been unloading their brand of heavy metal in the Cleveland area for years including back in the mid-to- late nineties when they were taking the stage with a band called Boulder Brain.

BB was an in your face type of band who could thrash with anyone and they most definitely got the audience involved in what they were doing, just check out for the Check Yourself video. Jay will be to right as you’re watching the video and of course Jeff will be behind the kit. Jeff also spent time with Slave To Nothing.

Move forward to present and you’ll find Jeff doing stick work with, Olathia, another Cleveland-based band.

But since 2013 the brothers Morrow have had this idea of working together on a project which began as therapy to help the grieving process of losing a family member to an overdose.

DOSE finally got in the studio 2014 and they have been building a solid following and listenership ever since. The band recently went through a lineup change that brought Nick Jarrell (Space Monkey) into the fold as the lead vocalist. That coupled with the fact that they have signed with Filthy Hands/SK1, things are on the move for the four-piece powerhouse that also includes bassist, Mike Marczak.

I recently had the chance to interview our Spotlight Band and here is how that conversation went.

TRBC: How would you describe Dose’s sound to fans who have never seen you live?

DOSE: The best way to describe our sound for those who haven’t heard us would be to talk about how bands like Pantera, Lamb of God, Suicidal Silence, Killswitch Engage, all inspire us. In reality, we play what gets us off the most, the way we write our music isn’t written in stone. There’s no template. Sometimes each riff or section of a tune is its own journey. It gets dark, twisted and intense with a distinctively aggressive and catchy sound.

TRBC: You recently went through a change in your lineup and introduced Nick Jarrell as the new front man. How does this change affect the scape of the band and what brought the two of you (DOSE and Nick) together?

DOSE: It is impossible to describe what it means to have Nick in the band, it allows the landscape of possibilities to become wide open for us. We are stoked to continue to grow, with Nick’s unbelievable vocal range we definitely won’t be stagnating. We have a mutual desire for something bigger… he fits.

Nick comments: “I was a huge fan of Bolder Brain (One of Jay and Jeff’s prior projects), so I contacted DOSE to talk to those guys. Not too long after that, Jeff messaged and asked me to show him what I got… and the rest is history.”

Jay Morrow of DOSE opening up for Mushroomhead at The Outpost. Photo taken by Larry Ritter/The Rust Belt Chronicles.

Jay Morrow of DOSE opening up for Mushroomhead at The Outpost. Photo taken by Larry Ritter/The Rust Belt Chronicles.

TRBC: To go hand in hand with the lineup change you also let it be known that you have been inked to Mushroomhead’s Filthy Hands/SK1 label. What advantages will this be giving the band and what can we expect from the marriage between the two of you?

DOSE: So much…it’s humbling and empowering at the same time. This deal is going to open doors to every aspect of the business side and offer us the opportunity to do what we would have never been able to do without these resources.

It will allow us to expose our music to people who may have never been able to experience what DOSE is all about including full length recordings, videos, and a great line of merch…. We’ve been gifted with all the resources of a top 20 band, but it’s about a great friendship that we intend to continue to grow and develop, and who knows…. There are no limits to where it can go…

TRBC: Who are some of your influences in the music world and why?

DOSE: Each of us have our own influences that mesh in some richly bizarre ways. Beyond the bands we already mentioned though, we have to mention Dave Nolan, a good friend of ours. He was always turning us on to obscure genres and some of the most phenomenal artists that had a major impacts on us.

Why were we influenced by anyone in particular? It could be their jaw dropping technique or how badass they sound…. But overall it would have to be the way they leave us feeling.

TRBC: This one is for Jeff and Jay…I played a little guitar in my younger days (not very well I may add), anyway my question is being twin brothers in the music business, how did you choose which direction to go as far as picking an instrument? And when did you know that you wanted to make this journey together?

DOSE: That goes back to playing on boxes and pool sticks to bands like Kiss and Blondie, probably at about 9 years old or so (Jay is two minutes older). Jeff said, “A kid down the street had a drum set and what I heard coming from that just blew me away.” From that point on, it was Jeff with the sticks and Jay drilling the axe.

Jay said, “We just kind of did it, we wanted to play music like Megadeth, Metallica, and Rush. At that time we ended up starting to write death metal – some other kids joined us and from that point on… we became a band called Blessed Sickness. It would be 3:00am sets at Flashes with 5 people and we thought we were Rock Gods (laughing).”

TRBC: Being in the business as long as you have, what are some of your favorite venues to perform at and why?

DOSE: There’s been some killer venues over the years. We have to shout out to the Agora for sure… the Foundry, Iggy’s, The Diesel in Detroit, Sherlock’s in PA, the Empire…. The Odeon and Outpost…. It isn’t so much about the venue though, it’s about the people who are there to help tear it up. Mike mentions, “It’s definitely the metalheads that come out – that’s what makes a show great or not, even if you’re in some hole in the wall with shitty sound (Can we say “shitty”?).”

TRBC: If you could book your ideal concert with DOSE as the opening act, what four bands in today’s heavy metal genre, who would follow you on stage and why?

DOSE: If dreams come true, we would have to go with Mushroomhead, Lamb of God, DevilDriver and Slipknot, in no particular order. These bands are all aggressive and diverse in their sound. They would fit in well with what we are putting out and they all have the type of fans that make the show sick.

Jeff Morrow of DOSE at The Outpost opening for Mushroomhead. Photo by Larry Ritter/The Rust Belt Chronicles.

Jeff Morrow of DOSE at The Outpost opening for Mushroomhead. Photo by Larry Ritter/The Rust Belt Chronicles.

TRBC: Now that the news is out about Nick and Filthy Hands/SK1, what can we expect from the band in the immediate future?

DOSE: Well, we are just getting wrapped up in the studio, we’ve been there since November. Now we have a single is coming out very soon with a video to help kick that off, some touring and a full length release set to come out later this summer.

TRBC: And finally where are you looking to find yourselves in five year?

DOSE: Hmm, 5 years, we look to be on the cover of rip magazine looking all cool! Seriously, we look forward to being in on some of the big festivals, on our third of fourth LP… Nick jokes, “We want to make God look small.” …. With that the possibilities are endless.

Thank you for these killer questions Larry, and for everything you do – and the rest of the Rust Belt Chronicle team too. We would also like to let our friends and families, everyone who has remained by our side throughout the projects growth, and to all the new friends who are supporting us know how grateful we are. We aren’t taking any of it lightly.

 TRBC: I would like to thank Jay, Jeff, Nick and Mike for their help in doing this article. A big thank you also goes out to Tracy Morrow (Jay’s wife) for all of her help in setting things up.

 If you haven’t had the opportunity to checkout DOSE, make sure to put it on your to-do list when you see their name on a marquee near you. It’ll be well worth your time. There’s a good chance you may see me as well. Until then, this is Big L saying ‘keep those horns up and rock on’!! \m/ \m/

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  1. Big Love Larry! Thank you and Rust Belt Chronicles for the support, for DOSE and for the music scene. It took some perseverance and dedication to get those killer shots from the Outpost – that show was crazy packed. We can’t wait til’ next time!

  2. Hey Larry, Thanks again for such a great post! The guys have upscaled to a new Facebook page. It’s now


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