Scott Stapp Shines at The Kent Stage Theater!

Scott Stapp

Scott Stapp who’s vocals we fell in love with back in the late 90’s as lead vocalist of Creed came and stunned us at the Kent Stage Theater.  The venue has just the perfect stage size, lighting and sound. The concession stand was hopping and the staff was fantastic. The eagerness was growing for the night to begin.  The seats were packed, the lights went down and the crowd was ready for an undeniable amazing performance.


The duo of Jeremy and Justin Willet of Willet gave us a upbeat message with clarity and conviction.  While these two men only represented 2/3 of Willet, the sound produced was magificant crisp and resonated beautifully throughout the Kent Stage.  Their Christian Music touched us with the resilient message of hope, love and peace.  The vocal with the finely tuned guitar riffs reminded me of listening to a young Phil Keaggy.  Willet is known for their charitable events and are clearly a band, who practice what they preach.


Willet Photo Gallery.

Justin and Jeremy gave us a heartfelt set of music and we thank them for their graciousness! Their One Million Meal Goal for “Rise Against Hunger” campaign helping children who live in extreme poverty is scheduled on September 19th in Westminster, Maryland. Don’t miss it!

Art of Dying

Things definitely heated-up as the members of Art of Dying hit the stage. These young rockers had the fans captivated with their musical and harmonic splendor.  Going into the concert I was expecting an electrified format, the band presentation was entirely acoustic. The infusion of some Folk-Rock mixture with a extreme edge of Hard Rock injects a soothing Led Zeppelin acoustic feel at various passages which was a delight.

Their interpretations of the songs was refreshing as it progressed the audience and my-own interest.  The young vocal harmonies reminded me as if I was listening to CSN&Y (Crosby.Stills, Nash and Young) somehow. Dynamically perfect pitched on every tune, Art of Dying impressed us thoroughly throughout their set!

Art Of Dying Photo Gallery.

The stunning vocals and crystal clean musical accompaniments were a pleasant experience by this band.  The percussionist was very effective with his tonal quality and adverse rhythms. With their infectous music, and a new tour beginning September 1st, I believe; Art of Dying is on the cusp of greatness!

Scott Stapp

The stage was silent and anticipation grew, a stool and mic stand were highlighted with rays of white and violet. The crowd cheered and came Scott Stapp and fellow musicians gracing the stage. Stapp’s performance was all acoustic and completely blew us away.

Scott Stapp Photo Gallery.

Stapp’s vocals were equivalent to exceeding the quality of every album that resounded through our stereos throughout the years.  Stapp sung so many timeless songs from each of the Creed albums; ‘My Own Prison’,  ‘Human Clay’, ‘Weathered’ and ‘Full Circle’.  The positive, inspirational and powerful lyrics driven by such an incredible voice awoke certain memories of mine that had me fall in love with the songs all over again. Scott’s messages through his music is what had me fall in love with rock music in the first place.

I think many of us who witnessed this particular performance could agree that the heart of Scott Stapp and his lyrics from “Torn” to “What’s This Life For” and many other songs bring a form of spiritual awakening and comfort.  The band members were flawless from start to finish with extreme musicianship and sound. These veteran musicians provided the mood-setting aura of color, passion and control.

It was an experience that I will cherish forever and I look forward to following Scott Stapp’s journey from his solo albums to what he has planned with Art Of Anarchy.  Check out his tour and keep posted on more fantastic performances!

Peace Out and Rock Hard fellow Rockers,

Erica M. Lenhoff


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