Saving Abel, TRUST and Perfectly Damaged Blow-Out the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill!

Saving Abel

Saving Abel with a packed Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill.

The Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill pulled-off another Rock ‘N Roll coup with Saving Abel, TRUST and Perfectly Damaged selling out hours before the scheduled show. The opportunity to see national acts, up-close in Mansfield, Ohio has definitely drawn strong interest from the local and regional scene! With upcoming shows scheduled into the future and plans to enhance your concert experience in the future, it’s great to witness the growth of the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill!

With the weather co-operating nicely, the patio was enhanced with a fire-pit and a bar wagon. The fans definitely loved the new amenities offered which reminds us Spring is just around the corner! The kitchen was closed during the concert and insteadof the regular menu, the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill offered delicious slices of Pizza for the hungry patrons. The Pizza was eventually sold-out due to its popularity from the fans, while the thirsty crowd kept the bartenders busy all night!

The security staff kept the fans safe as usual and the management was quite happy (deservingly so), to have another sold-out crowd! It was great to see so many people I knew at the concert, although due to the crowd size; it was strange being able to see many people other than once. The lighting and sound system dazzled all-evening and it was a joy to see the further success of the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill! When you see Limo’s, taxi cabs and vans dropping off fans, chances are you’re in for a great night of entertainment!

Perfectly Damaged

Perfectly Damaged opened the festivities with an acoustic musical treat. This would be my first time to see the trio of musicians perform in their non-electric setting. The music flowed beautifully as these veteran musicians delighted the crowd during the performance. The band displayed professional grit and determination as they gave us a special night of their fine music unplugged!

Mathew Pagani of Perfectly Damaged.

Mathew Pagani has one of the most beautiful voices in the area! This gentleman’s spirit and uplifting lyrics lifted the crowd above the anticipated heavier music ahead. His majestic voice and soulful nuances are a impeccable treat to hear! Every time he performs his passion and endearing lyrics are a mission to touch everyone. Mathew realizes his voice is a gift and knows how important the role he projects is a chance to deliver a powerful message!

It’s not an easy feat to have nearly 500 people standing during an acoustic set, but Perfectly Damaged proved that between great tunes and talented musicans the crowd was appreciative! Mathew has a unique blend of resonance and tone which cannot be denied! His heart is as big as his personality and on this evening, he clearly was at his best!

Guitarist’s Bobby Bucyrus and Steve “Ramjet” Ramsey augmented the original tunes well and were a dynamic duo on the six-strings! These two musicians definitely take their roles seriously as they quietly stand back in the music with their lovely strumming.

At one-point Steve gave me a photographic moment by showing the back-side of his guitar loaded with stickers as he blew the smoke off his strings! I’ve haven’t seen anyone do that since Phil Volk of Paul Revere and The Raiders used to reveal his nickname ‘Fang’ on the back of his bass guitar during the 1960’s.

The spark of Perfectly Damaged was achieved as the group gave us passionate and subtle versions of their fine songs. “Charmed” was performed last and as in the electrical rendition, the tune was exceptional!

I highly recommend you catch Perfectly Damaged when given the opportunity to see these serious musicians. The demeanor, grace and incredible songs will hold you spellbound. Their professional sound will astound you and hold your attention as they permeate the air and charm your senses!

Perfectly Damaged Photo Gallery.


TRUST is generally known to throw one of the biggest parties anywhere they play. They hard rockers are no secret to the Mansfield, Ohio area as they pack venues. The faithful fans are die-hards and the game plan s simple – Rock till you drop! Given this surmise, it’s no surprise to see TRUST get the crowd pumped-up for an extraordinary evening of togetherness with their musical hijinks providing the chaos!

On this night, TRUST had former ax-man, Eric Ferguson accompany the band on a few songs, while Bad-Remedy axe-slinger, Riley Beaire provided the guitar work with the regular guitarist, Jake Wolfe delivering the emotion with energetic fury. Other than the jostling of the additional guitarists, the band also surprised us with a new tune that definitely got the crowd rowdier!

Frontman vocalist, Jacob Tackett ran the band and fans through his usual shenanigans as he inspired the crowd throughout the night. His onstage flare and movements created a montage of pandemonium between the band and their fans in many epic moments. His voice is his passion and his duty as the main focal point needs no explanation. Jacob rocks and he works TRUST Nation into a frenzy during their setlist.

The band is solid as a rock with bassist, Cornell Webb incriminating his strings to abuse as he gave us some poignant poises and let everyone know he is the elder statesman, who still rocks! Drummer, Randy Shenberger was a rock as he slashed the cymbals while providing a solid tempo on the tunes on his beautiful white drum-kit. The young and efficiently clean guitar work of Jake Wolfe gave me goose-bumps as I heard him rip through the guitar solos. Riley Beaire was his usual manic-self on guitar, speed dialing the six-string often and loudly!

If you live in North Central Ohio, you already know who TRUST is. If you haven’t seen them perform then maybe you should checkout one of their upcoming shows!

TRUST Photo Gallery.

Saving Abel

Saving Abel wasted no time hitting the stage and working he sold-out crowd into a frenzy! The fans had waited patiently for the headliners throughout the evening with the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill filled to capacity. To say Saving Abel responded positively would be an understatement. Saving Abel was genuinely enthused, infused and ready to rock!

The band kicked the show-off with “New Tattoo”. Coincidently, the band received a tour of the famous Mansfield Ohio State Reformatory prior to the show which gave the band a glimpse of our areas historic significance! Based on the former prison being the site for Ink In The Clink and since the historic site hosts the three-day, Tattoo and Musical Festival in July;  this was a fitting tune to open with. The band was flying on all cylinders as they progressed through the pace of their rockin’ set!

Frontman, vocalist, Scotty Austin was on-fire with his stage presence, voice and antics. The man definitely was enjoying working the packed house as he smiled often and gave us his attitude of spunk! Having seen Scott in previous years, I must say he looked good and although he was somewhat reserved prior to the show, engaging with fans and saving his energy for showtime. The result was a splendid performance by the vocalist as he roared through the lyrics with passion and viscosity!

The band kept the progression of energy moving with “Contagious” being delivered like a shot out of a cannon! Saving Abel certainly had that infectious feeling reverberating to the fans in the packed house. Saving Abel always gives a fiery show, no matter how many gigs a year they perform.  Their charity work with Military, Vets, and disabled children has been inspiring for years. So it should come as no surprise the band is loved by the fans for their acts beyond the music!

Both guitarist were dishing out impervious riffs and solos as they obviously mastered their domains! The fortitude of musical progressions between the two men was astounding and deep in harmonic reverb. With the air as thick as thieves with smoke from the stage props, it was an blitz of elements in the air. The guitarist ripped and shredded through tunes like ” The Sex is Good” and “Miss America” proving the guitars were capturing the crowd with their splendid riffs!

The bassist reminded me of Michael Anthony from Van Halen, as he maneuvered across the stage and circled himself, before emerging back into the shadows. The energetic pulse sustained throughout the venue as he made his presence known was a blast to hear and see! The drummer gleamed with a strong vibe suited for any heavy metal band of today. The sparkling red drum set was pound into submission with his vicious hands and accents.

By the time Saving Abel performed “Addiction”, the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill audience went into a frenzy! As the fans sang along it was clear the night would be ending soon. This was a prolific show setting further notice that Saving Able and the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill, along with the local opening bands producing a night to remember for everyone!

Saving Abel Photo Gallery.


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