Round #6 “The Battle of The Bands” at the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill for Ink In The Clink 2017

“The Battle of The Bands” at the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill resumed on Saturday, May 27th for Round #6.  All of the bands were competing for a chance appear at the “The Final Battle” on June 3rd.  Three-winners out of the final battle will be awarded the opportunity to perform on the main stage at Ink In The Clink 2017 Tattoo and Music Festival.  The contestants on this evenings schedule included: The World I Knew, Ignite The Fire, This Divine Tragedy, Citizens Brigade and Dread Engine.

Erica M. Lenhoff interviewed the bands available after the show at Mastermind Studios (in the early morning hours) with our “Rock Moment” live-streaming video promotion segment. The Rust Belt Chronicles would like to thank the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill for the availability of the shooting location, JNR/Vision and all the bands that allowed us this courtesy after the show!  You may see our feed of the Rock Moments interviews on our Facebook page.

The World I Knew

The World I Knew hit the stage with a unique blend of hiphop, rap and metal. The cross between breakdowns and headbanging were ultimately impressive. Weslley Davis and Alex Guerrero rocked their guitars, Max Guerrero carried out the beats on drums and Jared Saleski rocked the bass.  Lead vocalist Wesley Merritt lead the band with creative vocals.  All together the band gave a powerful set and accomplished kicking off Battle #6 with a bang.

The World I Knew Photo Gallery.

Ignite The Fire

Ignite The Fire came to battle all the way from Taneytown, MD.  Bassist Holly Smith, guitarists Mark Quinn and Michael Nelson, drummer Caelan Gregory and vocalist Jack Gurecki rocked the night with an amazing sound.  Jack had vocals and a stage pressance that was strong and soul hitting, he had charictaristics similar to Robert Plant and the band carried on that unique Led Zeppelin sound.  They put forth an impressive set and carried the night onward.

Ignite The Fire Photo Gallery.

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This Divine Tragedy

This Divine Tragedy gave heart thumping, head banging, adrenaline kicking rock! The talent consists of lead vocalist Nich Maloney, back up vocals and lead guitarist Zach Sheets, rhythm guitarist Aaron Conley, bassist Jonny Warner and drummer Tyler Adams.  The band put on a super energetic set, they had the crowd going and hit the stage hard.

This Divine Tragedy Photo Gallery.

Citizens Brigade

Citizens Brigade brought pure alternative rock to the stage.  They had a solid well rounded sound that captivated the crowd and rocked us away.  Band memebers include; Don Rush on vocals, Dave Sherfy on bass, Mike King on drums, Brian Bankes on lead guitar and Bill Fletcher on rythmn guitar.  Don lead the band with fantastic vocals and frontmanship.

Citizens Brigade Photo Gallery.

Dread Engine

Dread Engine hit the stage with their impressive blend of rock and electronica.  Band members consist of Sam Stockdale on lead vocals, Rick Kaercher digital engineer and vocals, Johnathan Collins on Bass, Jay Coughlin on drums, Tommy Sartin and Jake Spears both on guitars.  The guys interacted with the crowd and each other ending the night with their unique and energetic sounds.

Dread Engine Photo Gallery.

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Erica Lenhoff About Erica Lenhoff

Erica M. Lenhoff is a 24 year old award winning artist with a history of baking and decorating Cleveland’s best cakes and pastries. Recently she has transitioned her talents to downtown Columbus.

Miss Lenhoff has worked in the line of photography within a nationwide company where she had brought exceptional customer service working with all age groups and achieving excellent portraiture. Her personal achievement was breaking the top company sales record in 2015.
Over the years Erica has expressed her love for poetry, writing, modeling and representing the arts all over Ohio.
Her hobbies include visiting upcoming venues and checking out local scenes in food, dining, shopping and music.
With a passion for all musical genres she loves discovering up-coming artists.
Miss Lenhoff looks forward to representing Columbus and bringing a taste of the arts to you.


  1. Sam Romagnoli says:

    Who took all of these great photographs? I really enjoyed looking through them. If I didn’t already know about the Whiskey Warehouse, I would want to check it out just based on this photography. Very nice article Erica…..thanks for sharing.

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