Round #4 “The Battle of The Bands” at The Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill for Ink In The Clink 2017

“The Battle of The Bands” at the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill resumed on Saturday, May 13th for Round #4.  All of the bands were competing for a chance appear at the “The Final Battle” on June 3rd. Three-winners out of the final battle will be awarded the opportunity to perform on the main stage at Ink In The Clink 2017 Tattoo and Music Festival. The contestants on this evenings schedule included:  DAYOLDHATE, Titans In Time, The Party, Viktor Von Horror, and Heartsick.

Erica M. Lenhoff interviewed the bands available after the show at Mastermind Studios (in the early morning hours) with our “Rock Moment” live-streaming video promotion segment. The Rust Belt Chronicles would like to thank the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill for the availability of the shooting location, JNR/Vision and the bands that allowed us this courtesy after the show! You may see our feed of the Rock Moments interviews on our Facebook page.


Heartsick kicked-off the festivities in fine fashion.  These guys wreaked havoc with their original material. The band  drove all the way from their hometown of Lansing, Michigan to compete in this event. Heartsick are not for the weak-hearted as they thrust themselves across the stage like a game of pinball. Their heavy music reverberated loud and clear throughout the venue. The band is a bedlam of fury onstage and we highly recommend them!

Rock Moment interview with Erica M. Lenhoff.

Heartsick Photo Gallery.

Viktor Von Horror

Viktor Von Horror took the stage he put on his solo performance of creepy and captivating electronic music with powerful and horrifying vocals.  He reminded me greatly of Element A440.  He wore a creepy mask and his movements portrayed as a slave to the music with hunched over screams of rage and smooth slow movements across the stage. He was a sight to see and brought a certain uniqueness to the competition.

Viktor Von Horror Photo Gallery.

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The Party

The Party consists of Mike Hawk on Vocals and Electronics, Spud the Genius on Vocals, Eric Osbourne on Guitar, Neal Petcavage on Drums, Frank Reynolds on Bass and Doug Wright on Guitar.  It was a party on the stage and in the crowd.  They had performed a great set of heavy rock and it was a fantastic set of entertainment.

The Party Photo Gallery.

Rock Moment interview with Erica M. Lenhoff and The Party.


DAYOLDHATE took the stage and absolutely blew us away with powerful rock that gathered several people around to witness their performance. Band members consist of Jeremey Frederick on lead vocals, Mitchell Park on guitar and vocals, Jesse Schultz on drums and Sully on bass.  They kept “The Battle” going strong with their energy and sound.

Erica M. Lenhoff Rock Moment interview with DAYOLDHATE.

DAYOLDHATE Photo Gallery.

Titans In Time

As the night went forward it was time to be rocked by Titans In Time.  The guys put on an incredible set.  We had Vince Gillman on lead vocals, Nate Milstein on guitar as well as vocals, Matt Devonshire on bass and Matt Bryson on drums.  A few voices in the crowd called out “We are Titans!” which is the bands fan base.  Once again, the Battle continued on once more with impressive talent and Titans in Time gave their all.

Erica M. Lenhoff shares a Rock Moment with Titans In Time.

Titans In Time Photo Gallery.

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Erica Lenhoff About Erica Lenhoff

Erica M. Lenhoff is a 24 year old award winning artist with a history of baking and decorating Cleveland’s best cakes and pastries. Recently she has transitioned her talents to downtown Columbus.

Miss Lenhoff has worked in the line of photography within a nationwide company where she had brought exceptional customer service working with all age groups and achieving excellent portraiture. Her personal achievement was breaking the top company sales record in 2015.
Over the years Erica has expressed her love for poetry, writing, modeling and representing the arts all over Ohio.
Her hobbies include visiting upcoming venues and checking out local scenes in food, dining, shopping and music.
With a passion for all musical genres she loves discovering up-coming artists.
Miss Lenhoff looks forward to representing Columbus and bringing a taste of the arts to you.

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