Round #2 “Battle Of The Bands” for a slot at Ink In The Clink 2017 at the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill

Battle Of The Bands


The “Battle Of The Bands” continued on Saturday, May 6th at the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill for the right to perform on the main stage at Ink In The Clink 2017. The tension and apprehension was apparent as three winners of this six-nights of competition will eventually be chosen to perform on July 14, 15th, or 16th, at Ohio’s largest Tattoo and Music Festival; held on the grounds of The Ohio State Reformatory!

The crowd turnout improved from the opening night with some of the early slotted bands bringing their own posse from out of town.  We are enjoying the preview of the bands competing who are performing diverse genres.  Their opportunity is interesting and inspiring as the talent continues to impress us!

After the show, Erica M. Lenhoff of The Rust Belt Chronicles is interviewing each band to provide you with a ‘Rock Moment‘ featuring details about the bands performance, thoughts, upcoming gigs and social media sites. The live-streaming event is posted on our Facebook page.

Stop by the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill on May 26 and 27th to see the last two rounds of competition and don’t forget the Finals are scheduled for Saturday, June 3rd!

Sink The Ship

Sink The Ship threw down their anchor and hit Mansfield, Ohio like a ton bricks. This young band wasted no time while docked at the WWB&G! Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio these guys brought a nice following to the venue and promptly let all hell break loose onstage. The energy was released throughout their tunes in a consistent manner. Sink The Ship performed many tunes from their latest EP, ‘From the Bottom’ and the crowd loved it! Vocalist, Colton Ulery was soaked from his fiery stage presence and the guitarists steered us through the musical tides. Bassist, Zakk Godare and drummer, Zac Fox drove the band like a Tsunami. These young men were the perfect storm as the opener, setting the WWB&G into a sea of bedlam!

Sink The Ship Photo Gallery.

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Affairs took no prisoners with their super-energized show. The Toledo, Ohio band delivered an astute Metalcore show of monstrous proportions. The lead vocalist, screamed his way through their material with blood-curdling screams and distorted appeal. The heavy guitar riffs were a mean concoction of deliberate style infused with odd time signature and tempo changes. It’s safe to say the unsettled diversity between the music and optimal effect is anything but normal as these guys hurl the musical slayings at the crowd! Affairs have mastered their musical style with a furious pace and rampage of anger, energy and behemoth sound.

Affairs Photo Gallery.

Affairs awaits their Rock Moment.

Nothin Left

Nothin Left had plenty of stamina as they romped through their short set of Christian, Punk/Rock. The young band from Wapakoneta, Ohio delivered their message with flair, prestige and pride. Front-woman, Jessica Koogler had a sweet voice above the moving music and took command of the stage. The guitarists cascaded through gleaming tones of resonance while bassist, Evan Lewis gave us harmonic lines of grandeur. Drummer, Jim Lewis dazzeled the fans with his display of effortless time-keeping. The band featured tunes that were tasteful with a strong message of hope, love and peace!

Nothin Left Photo Gallery.

A Rock Moment with Erica M. Lenhoff and Nothin Left.

Secluded Fire

Secluded Fire astounded us with their veteran leadership and musical ability. It’s been along time since I’ve heard a guitarist with the style delivered by Kevin Rodgers. His beefy tone, staggering riffs and riveting solos were amazing! The other guitarist, Timmy Creech was very effective with his own distinct style. Bobbi Jean Smallwood Rodgers stage presence and staggering bass lines drove the band with an edge. Carl Kremer stoked the drumkit and kept the band flaming through their setlist! The lead vocals were divided between the string players, while their music was tasteful, and inspiring. We thoroughly enjoyed Secluded Fire!

Secluded Fire Photo Gallery.

Secluded Fire visits with Erica M. Lenhoff and Rock Moment.

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