Review: “Frampton comes of Age” – Dublin, OH Fireworks 7-4-17

Nearly every review on Peter Frampton over the years contains “Comes Alive” somewhere in the by-line. “Frampton Comes Alive”, his international breakout Album, released in 1976 when Frampton was 26 yrs. old, has sold 8 million copies in the United States, and 11 million worldwide, making it one of the bestselling live albums to date. Singles from the album, “Show Me the Way”, “Baby, I Love Your Way” and “Do You Feel Like We Do” are still in heavy rotation on classic rock stations across the world.

Fast forward 41 years to the 4th of July celebration at Dublin Coffman High School Football Stadium, Dublin OH, Peter Frampton took the stage at 8pm after sets by “The Drowsy Lads”, a Columbus, OH based traditional Irish band and “The No BS Brass Band” a self-described east coast funk band from Richmond VA.  In 1976 Peter Frampton came alive and in 2017 he came of age in Dublin, Ohio.

No BS! Brass Band

Drowsey Lads

Dublin Coffman Football Stadium

Opening with “Something’s Happening” from “Comes Alive”, Frampton immediately established himself on stage, teasing the crowd with some hot blues based guitar riffs, a hint of the guitarists talent yet to be heard later in the evening. Even the millennial’s in the crowd, who only knew this guy was somebody their mom and dad listened to, anticipated something magic was happening on stage.

Rolling along into the set, Frampton and his talented band tore into the bluesy 80’s tempo “Lying” from the 1986 release “Premonition”, “Lines on my Face”, a tale of heartbreak from the 1973 release “Frampton’s Camel”, the previously mentioned “Show Me the Way”, which brought the crowd to its feet and “And I Wanna Go to The Sun”, from 1974’s “Somethings Happening”. Frampton’s guitar playing as the evening went on, was very bluesy, skilled and thoughtful. At some points, it seemed as if he was channeling the late and great B.B. King.

Frampton took the next portion of the set to pay tribute to the late Chris Cornell of Soundgarden, with a guitar/talk box heavy cover of “Black Hole Sun”, a song he had previously recorded on his 2016 “Fingerprints” Album. He explained to the crowd that Cornell was his friend and we lost him recently. He then dedicated the cover to Cornell and his family. Frampton’s version of, both musically and visually projected a very reverent vibe into the stadium.

Wrapping up the set, Frampton pleased the crowd with the mega hit “Baby I Love Your Way” and a magnificent guitar jam between Frampton and guitarist Adam Lester, during “I’ll Give You Money” from the 1975 release “Frampton”

Then came the most anticipated lyrics of the evening:

Well woke up this morning with a wine glass in my hand
Whose wine, what wine, where the hell did I dine?
Must have been a dream I don’t believe where I’ve been
Come on, let’s do it again

Always a crowd favorite “Do You Feel Like We Do”, Frampton’s signature hit, and perhaps signature song of the 70’s brought nearly every person in the stadium who was a teenager or older in 1976 to their feet, with fists pumping and singing along with the band, prompting Frampton to turn the singing over to the crowd. The song which was first recorded live on November 22, 1975 during a sold-out show at Memorial Hall at SUNY Plattsburgh College in NY, may not have the hard charging testosterone of Frampton’s 1976 youth, but rather contained the maturity and professionalism of a seasoned experienced musician who has come of age.

After a 17-minute mammoth jam of the song, that included a liberal dose of the famous talk box, Frampton brought the show to a close, with very gracious words and thanks to the crowd. However just as the crowd was getting ready for fireworks, Frampton and his band returned to for an encore. Unlike previous shows on this tour, Frampton brought out some old favorites from his days with “Humble Pie”, delivering strong performances of “I don’t need no Doctor” and “Four-day Creep”

Then the guitar hero disappeared from stage, and moments later, those with a backstage view saw Frampton enter his bus, and then was quickly whisked away. While the boom-boom fireworks followed, the crowd in Dublin was treated to the real fireworks on stage, that night. Peter Frampton came and played and the brightest fireworks came from the gift of his 50 yr. plus career in music.


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