Red Sun Rising Shines Bright at The House Of Blues in Cleveland!

Red Sun Rising

Red Sun Rising

The House Of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio was the venue for a special two-night stand with Razor & Tie recording artists, Red Sun Rising. With the news of the latest single and video release featuring the cover of Alanis Morissette’s “Uninvited“; Red Sun Rising continues its rise to the top of the music industry!

We were lucky enough to witness the longest show ever by the band as they reached their pre-summer solstice. The night was fittingly entitled as “An Evening with Red Sun Rising”. Opening the concert was another Akron, Ohio band, Royal Vasa.

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Royal Vasa

Royal Vasa is a band of young musicians who definitely provide a lot of excitement with their original music. With Red Sun Rising allowing the young men to open the sold-out shows, Royal Vasa gained exposure within the local music scene.  I found the band to be a cross between several genres depending on their tunes. Whether the songs were laced with a bit of Electronica, Jazz, Blues or Rockabilly; their sound was refreshing and pleasing to the ears.

Austin Lee Maruna on the Snythesizer.

Their Indie/Alternative music style created a nice vibe as the band swung through the short set-list.  The audience cheered the band on as they flowed their music throughout the Cambridge Room.  Lead vocalist, Austin Lee Maruna also played the synthesizer interjecting some smooth electronic tones during some songs. Occasionally he performed on the guitar as well! The bassist, Andrew Adams and guitarist, Alex Sprungle; were proficient and polished throughout their structured delivery. Brian Piper swung like a pendulum on the old Ludwig drumkit, creating a variety of unique rhythms and fills.

Drummer, Brian Piper.

Royal Vasa is certainly a band to watch as their musical appeal is inspiring! Perhaps success is just around the corner for these creative musicians. Either way, we recommend you check them out and see what all the fuss is about!  (Royal Vasa review by: Jim Carver.)

Royal Vasa Photo Gallery.

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Red Sun Rising

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On March 30th, Akron’s own Red Sun Rising played to a sold out crowd at the Cambridge Room, House of Blues, Cleveland.  For the band, the show was the second in a row as part of a two night stint. For me, it was my first time seeing them live.

Red Sun Rising’s sound is sometimes billed as new rock alternative, but the band itself refers to their style as “thread”…meaning their sound is the common thread between many genres of music. With influences listed as everything from Soundgarden to Otis Redding, I was curious to hear how these threads would all come together in a live performance.

The set opened with only one man on stage, just lead vocalist Mike Protich with his mic and his guitar. He played a solo acoustic version of “Bury Me Today”, one of their earlier songs. He followed it up with another older song “Abort”, which he jokingly said a friend had described as a “really weird” song.  By all the singing along from the crowd, it was clear the Cambridge Room was packed with people who had been fans of RSR from the beginning. The bassist, Ricky Miller, then joined him onstage to play keyboard on “Blister”, a song from their most recent album Polyester Zeal. Gradually the rest of the band joined the stage (Ryan Williams- lead guitar, Dave McGarry -rhythm guitar, Pat Gerasia – drums).


Bassist, Ricky Miller (left) with guitarist, Ryan Williams (right).

Dave McGarry -rhythm guitar.

With each song this set a bit of history was shared…stories about how the bandmates came together, the inspiration behind a song, or sometimes just a funny anecdote. All in all this made the first set took on an intimate vibe much like the old episodes of VH1 Storytellers. Mike mentioned the band had fairly recently returned from a break in the wilderness where they had been writing some new music. The crowd was then gifted with the performance of one of those songs, “Lonely Girl”… written about band missing loved ones while they are on the road. The last song of the set was “Worlds Away”. I couldn’t help but compare Mike’s voice to Patrick Monahan of Train, but regardless of who you compare him to, his vocal were flawless and only enhanced by the prowess of the rest of the musicians onstage.

By the end of the first set I had gained an appreciation for the bands popular hashtag #WeAreThread. You can hear the varied influences in their music, to the point that is impossible to pigeon hole their sound into just one genre. During the twenty minute break I was also able to take a closer look around at the crowd, and I realized they were as beautifully diverse as the music that had just been performed.

Lead Vocalist, guitarist – Mike Protich.

RSR started the second set with verve by playing another one off ‘ Polyester Zeal ‘, “Amnesia”. A fan near me commented that their sound (for this track) reminded him of the Foo Fighters…and I don’t disagree. By the way, if you haven’t already seen it, check out the video for this song, it’s hilarious.

The 90s rock influence seemed to be strong in the second set. There would be no more calm acoustics this time around, just a full on jam.  The influence of grunge era bands like Alice In Chains were particularly evident when they played “The Otherside”, followed later by another yet unreleased song called “Running Man”.

Although it was a smaller performance space, RSR made it feel like you were at a big rock show. I was really impressed with how the band used the stage during the lively second set. It’s sometimes the little things that can draw the audience into a performance. On my side of the stage Dave McGarry climbed up on a speaker, making him appear larger than life and bringing his potent guitar skills closer to the fans. Throughout the night Ricky Miller and Ryan Williams did the same, interacting closely with the audience. Also keeping the performance visually interesting was the lead singer gliding about the stage, and joining several other band members to perform up high from the drum platform. Speaking of drums. I must mention the drummer Pat Gerasia, 100% enthusiasm and energy. The…entire…show.

Drummer Pat Gerasia.

One of the highlights of the night for me involved hearing their cover of another 90’s icon, Alanis Morrisette’s “Uninvited“. The haunting vocals combined with the powerful drums and forceful electric guitar gave the song new life…and gave me the chills. It was beyond my highest expectations and one of the best performances of the night.

Before the crowd had a chance to come down from the thrill RSR went right into the harder and faster paced “Imitation”. Full of electric guitar riffs and almost tribal drumming, this song added some headbanging metal to their thread.

The final song of the night would end up being a favorite from their last album, “Emotionless”. Like almost everything else with RSR it’s hard for me to describe the sound of this song…perhaps a little bit Tool and a little bit Perfect Circle… what I know for sure is there were a whole lot of ecstatic hometown fans singing along.

All in all Red Sun Rising’s thread sound was both unique and satisfying. I look forward to hearing more from them in the future. Their next album is projected to come out in summer 2017. In the meantime, I highly recommend you check out their website and try to catch them on tour.

Red Sun Rising Photo Gallery.

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