Red Ball Jets and The Monster Dolls Conjure-Up Fun and Fright at the Whiskey Warehouse!

novnef-201620161028_454The Monster Dolls

All photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / The Rust Belt Chronicles.

The Whiskey Warehouse in Mansfield, Ohio had a night of fun, music, frolic and fright with the Red Ball Jets and The Monster Dolls on Halloween weekend! The new club/concert venue had the crowd busy all night between the food, beverage and spirits of celebration along with the Red Ball Jets providing the fans with music, dancing and the monstrous costumed clad, sexy dance troupe from Cleveland, Ohio; The Monster Dolls.


Red Ball Jets

All photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / The Rust Belt Chronicles.

The Budweiser sponsored band, the Red Ball Jets proved why they are one of the cover bands in the land throughout the night as they blasted through an array of tunes.  I expected a lot of 80’s tunes but this band unleashed a medley of 60’s tunes that blew me away as the took us down the road of rock!  It’s easy to understand why this bad performs constantly at the bigger clubs throughout the region and the Lake Erie islands during the summer months.


Drummer, Scott Cain.

All photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / The Rust Belt Chronicles.

novnef-201620161028_433Red Ball Jets have a distinct ability to add twists and turns throughout their cover tunes, projecting an aura of fun to the crowd. Whether its just the opening, chorus or change-up somewhere in the tunes, the effect is a unique style and all their own!

novnef-201620161028_405Some songs at certain points take on a slight country feel or just a progression of accents between the bass and drums it’s refreshing, unusual and purposeful. While drummer Scott Cain insisted it’s because the band plays out constantly, RBJ amazed me with their interjection that was fluid, fresh and distinct!

The interaction was fun to watch between bassist, UUU and drummer, Scott Cain throughout the night, while keyboardist, Larry Fowler switched between keyboards and saxophone on various tunes. Lead Vocalist, Dave Stirtzinger  amazed me with his pipes as the band thrust through their material like gangbusters! On some tunes guitarist Jeremie Allen took over on lead vocals or even the bassist, Eric Dudley. Jeremie Allen laid down the guitar riffs and lead solos like a walk through the park as these gentlemen fed us with their professional acumen of musicality.


Lead vocalist, Dave Stirtzinger.

All photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / The Rust Belt Chronicles.

Lead vocalist, Dave Stirtzinger tossed bags of candy out to the fans at one point of the show in celebration of Halloween. The Red Ball Jets are definitely full of tricks and their treat was a performance full of crisp, clean sounds (along with thanks to house-soundman, Jeff Welch), with superb lighting (thanks to the house lights provided by Nita Rindengan)! Whether the music was from the 60’s through the 80’s, funk, blues or rock; the Red Ball Jets captivated the fans and made me proud to say they are from Mansfield, Ohio.

Red Ball Jets

All photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / The Rust Belt Chronicles.

I highly recommend you catch the Red Ball Jets near you, this band is fantastic and quite possibly; the best cover band on the current club/island circuit!

novnef-201620161028_458The Monster Dolls

All photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / The Rust Belt Chronicles.

The Monster Dolls hail from Cleveland, Ohio and were the perfect headliner for Halloween. These exotic ladies took us through many segments of their Horror Cabaret-style show with stunning visual masks, make-up, costumes and props. The variations within their show is accompanied by musical themes guaranteed to steal your soul. The temptresses of evil performed many group and individual performances consisting of dance, burlesque, cheerleading, acrobatics and theatrics.


(Front) The Alluring, Frankie Von Doll.

Frankie Von Doll is the leader of this gang of zombies. Her visual make-up is stunning and her lizard-like eye movement accompanied by her slithering arms and delayed head movements are a treat to observe. Within fronting the group she is captivating, alluring and ominous with her vibe of voodoo. Frankie’s choreography is brilliant with her creative experience setting the Monster Dolls into a established act across the USA. Her vision of developing a cabaret-style dance team consisting of ghoulish clad performers is an original and unique concept, promoting the art of dance in a consistent sense of darkness, mood and structure!


The Voluptuous, ScarrieAnne Stalker

All photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / The Rust Belt Chronicles.

ScarrieAnne Stalker is another favorite of mine as she energetically charges across the stage in her cornfield inspired, scarecrow costume and mask. Fanning the desires of the audience with her treacherous body movements and allure, this sordid scarecrow oozes with desire!  ScarrieAnne generally uses fire props in her show, however; since it was an indoor show, she used lighted props instead.


Misery Creeps bending with her axe.

Misery Creeps embellished her athletic stunts throughout her segment. Showing the audience her perpetual moves and wicked attitude of fervor. The mean-spirited attitude coupled with her dance routine was a marvel to watch! Misery Creeps incorporated an axe into her routine and handled it like a expert.


The newest gal in the dance troupe (who wasn’t with The Monster Dolls at Ink In The Clink this past summer) was a gorgeous blonde dressed as a sex-kitten accompanied with pointed ears, fangs,  fuzzy tail and boots. This young lady catapulted through her dance and body spins like a tempting vampire calling you to her voluptuous soul!


Angelique Graves

All photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / The Rust Belt Chronicles.

Angelique Graves performed and dazzled the audience with her athletic Burlesque and modern dance moves, her Reaper Axe and spirit! The Queen of Death was a monumental force within the show, as she romped through her positions and awesome handstands giving you the feel of the swift kiss of death! This long-legged monster kept the crowd in suspense throughout her routine.


All photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / The Rust Belt Chronicles.

Throughout the individual performances were group routines engulfing the mood with their leg kicks, elaborate scenes of grotesque commands sometimes involving with: knives, pumpkins and finger gestures.  A domino effect was displayed in dominance fashion as the group would be summoned flat on the backs (while kneeling), slowly but persuasively; by a few of the individual spooks.  Closing out the performance was the group routine of denigrated, intentionally slow and deliberate movements.

The Monster Dolls

All photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / The Rust Belt Chronicles.

The Monster Dolls are highly entertaining group perfect for any show indoors or out with stunning visual effects, fabulous dance routines and some notorious erotic vibe. I highly recommend you book them, see them and although on this night there was no shedding of blood, be careful; these ladies will steal your heart, soul and mind!






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