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Image used courtesy of: TRF_Mr_Hyde.We are accustomed to many types of external distractions. Some distractions startle us, but most are common occurrences. Certain distractions may be a nuisance but few have long term effects. As human beings, we usually internalize little can be done when we encounter a distraction, so we go with the flow.

But how do we handle internal distractions?

There is another type of distraction created by humans known as a psychological distraction. It is conveyed towards you to create a negative distraction.Unfortunately, some people initiate this type of behavior to derail your focus and progress. Jealousy, envy, or control may be their motive.

Regardless of the reason behind it; the importance of recognizing this mental trap and removing yourself from the equation quickly is the best solution. Nothing else matters!

When you become uncomfortable and allow yourself to be victimized, many negative situations will follow:

  • Lose vision of your goals.
  •  Forces you into a defensive mode.
  •  Creates increased stress.
  •  Prohibits your sight of clear thinking and options.
  •  Leads to a higher rate of mistakes.
  • Creates a vicious cycle and allows the perpetrator to further their manipulation.

By recognizing this event as a psychological distraction, you will be able to:

  • Focus on your goals and what is really important in your life.
  •  Avoid toxic situations in the future.
  •  Reduce stress factors in your life.
  •  Understand the situation clearly and that it is only a symptom.

 Ask yourself –Will this situation or conversation REALLY matter 5 years from now?

Allow yourself a short celebration for recognizing your internal victory’s using these methods. It will become easier to master each time you are confronted.

Eventually, you will find yourself in less of these situations and not be personally drawn into the moment. You may actually learn to feel sorry for the individual displaying this type of behavior towards you. It is as if you are on the outside looking in. But most importantly you will realizeyou do have control! 

Reacting to a distraction is not a solution.


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