Raven Black’s Hex O’clock Tour soars into Pineapple Jack’s

Article written and all photos taken by Shannon Hamilton of The Rust Belt Chronicles.


Raven Black at Pineapple Jack’s in Rochester, New York during their Hex O’clock Tour. Photo taken by Shannon Hamilton/The Rust Belt Chronicles.

Raven Black’s first headlining tour (The Hex O’clock Tour) got underway mid-July and ran through August 12th where it concluded at the Dive Bar in Las Vegas, Nevada. I personally covered the tour for The Rust Belt Chronicles on August 5th when they hit Pineapple Jack’s in Rochester, New York.

My dark metal journey began in Ohio. Some 300 miles and 5 1/2 hours later I had reached finally my destination. I arrived at the venue just as Raven Black was starting their sound check. My excitement began as I watched them go through every detail of their show preparation. It was clear that they were there to give the fans exactly what they paid for. I had the chance to hang with the band for a short time before the night got started and hear about the tour up to that point. As a whole the entire band was in agreement that they were happy the way it was going and they were excited to for this particular evening’s performance.

Local act Inherence started things off with a bang. If you like Madball (hardcore punk) and Hatebreed, imagine the combination of the two and you have Inherence. They were full throttle from start to finish. Inherence‘s drummer, Jimbo, played the entire 45 minute set with a broken foot; now that’s as hardcore as it gets. Fellow band members Brock Thrasher (vocals, Jordan Czyryca (guitar), Lyle Yonovich (guitar) and Ron Kaiser were every bit as hardcore as the man sitting behind the kit. Inherence is well worth seeing if they’re ever in your neck of the woods.

137, Inherence and The Red Devil Report opening for Raven Black at Pineapple Jack's in Rochester, New York. All photos taken by Shannon Hamilton/The Rust Belt Chronicles.

The Red Devil Report was next to grace the stage. It didn’t take long to understand why these guys have played with the likes MushroomheadTRDR had my attention from the start with a really solid sound they called brutal grunge metal.  They jammed heavily to the delight of those in attendance who were supporting the underground scene. Go check them out.

137 finished off the openers with what they term as the stoner caveman metal sound. I was extremely impressed with their different sound. I always find it nice to check out bands that I’ve never heard. I have a huge love of metal and the four-piece ensemble that call Rochester home, are definitely metal. 137 has a great heavy sound that is worthy of getting off the couch and witnessing first hand.

Once the 137 exited it was time for the headliners. Smoke filled the stage while childlike voices serenaded the fans, then boom, it was time to play. Raven Black is one of those bands that you must see live to fully appreciate what they have to offer. With a shock metal stage show and theatrical paint that transforms them into story telling characters, they rip and shred through their set with a touch of the macabre. They unleashed tunes like my personal favorites “Still Healing”, “Damaged”, and “The Blackening”. All three are from the 2016 release ‘Seven Sins” which was produced and mixed by Ulrich Wild, the Grammy nominated producer who has worked with artists such as Rob Zombie and Seether.

Raven Black performing at Pineapple Jack's in Rochester, New York during their headlining Hex O'clock Tour. All photos taken by Shannon Hamilton/The Rust Belt Chronicles.

Raven’s vocals keep you listening as they go from clean and melodic to heavy and angry. Raven uses a few stage props which enhances the musical experience perfectly. She will quite often take time to leave the stage and get in the crowd to sing to a few unsuspecting listeners.

The Doctor on guitar is truly amazing with every cord while Stitches creeps around the stage slapping his bass with a jackhammer type pulse. Completing Raven Black’s killer lineup is Muppet who unloads a brutal assault on the skins. Raven Black is a must see band so make sure you get tickets early on any upcoming shows. I for one can’t wait to see them again. In the meantime you can check them out on their Facebook page or at www.ravenblackband.com. In closing I would like to give a big shout-out to Bart Maimone and the entire staff of Pineapple Jack’s. Everyone there were incredible to work with from the time I walked in until it was time to head back to the Buckeye state. I look forward to making a return visit to the awesome venue.


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  1. That sounds like an incredible show all around! We played with Raven Black last year (the year before maybe?) – I really love their sound and performance, and how they are good people off stage too.

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