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Living the Rock n Roll Dream

Porcelain Hill – Photo by Mac

So a week ago from this past Friday, I was wrapping up some work, when I got a notification from my Instagram account @mac_onmusic from Nathalie “Wildfire” Campos, drummer for Porcelain Hill. Wildfire explained to me that her band was arriving for a show at The Walrus in Columbus that evening. She invited me to come check them out. I quickly checked them out online, and was interested in what I read on the net and heard on iTunes. I had other commitments that evening, but I asked if a quick impromptu interview was possible. So after receiving an enthusiastic yes, I was on my way to Mikeys Late Night Slice at 268 South 4th St, Columbus, where the band was having dinner.


Porcelain Hill is out of Ontario CA. Wanting to make a living wage playing live music, they decided to leave the 9-5 grind behind and live the Rock & Roll dream. Guitarist Darnell “Big D” Cole told me he once ran into blues rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa and asked him one tip he would give to a new band. He told Big D, to get in a van and tour and get in front of as many people as possible and play music.

Porcelain Hill – Photo by Mac

Big D, took this advice to heart, purchased a 1994 Ford Econoline E150 van, put a tempurpedic in the back, fixed it up a bit, made it home and hit the road. Currently the workhorse van has around 328,000 miles on it. Going on line, the band books as many gigs as they can prior to leaving their home base, and gets on the phone on the way to book gigs in-between. Last year the band started with 4 gigs booked when they left, and by the end of the first tour they had 28 gigs in two months and six days under their belt!

Impromptu Interview

TRBC: Tell me about how Porcelain Hill got together.

Porcelain Hill: Formed in 2012 when Darnell “Big D” Cole, Nathalie “Wildfire” Campos met after college, the two formed the band and performed as a two piece. Two years later, the Duo went to an open jam and decided it was time to add bass. Shortly after, they met Jacob Lucero. The youngest of the trio, he earned the moniker “The Kidd”, but his skill proved to be well beyond his years, and after a single practice, Porcelain Hill was Solidified.

TRBC: Tell me about your music

Porcelain Hill: We like to define our music as “Old School Rock, New School Roll”. Its music you don’t always hear, it’s music you feel. When you write music to hear,  you’re not writing music from the heart.

TRBC: Tell me about your major influence’s:

Porcelain Hill: Going around the table we heard names like: Freddy King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimmy Hendrix, Billy Gibbons, Gary Clark Jr and Freddy Mecury from Big D. Wildfire went with: Pop Punk, Rancid, Van Halen, Pink Floyd, Beatles, John Denver, Eric Clapton, Buddy Rich, Eric Moore and Blues Rock. The Kidd added: Geezer Butler, Jack Bruce, and Geddy Lee.

TRBC: What will a first listener to Porcelain Hill hear at a show?

Porcelain Hill: They will hear something real, an experience. They will feel our music. We live in our music, and we work to get the crowd to live in it with us.

TRBC: Where do you see yourselves in five years.

Porcelain Hill: We will be touring big! Big music festivals.

TRBC: The biggest venue you have played?

Porcelain Hill: The most exciting stage, was the same stage the Doors got their start on. The Whiskey A Go-Go in LA!

TRBC: Have you played with any national acts?

Porcelain Hill: 80’s band “Missing Persons”

Mac: Who is  your favorite boy band?

Porcelain Hill: around the table –  Wildfire: “In Sycnc , Tied with Hanson! The Kid: The Beatles, Big D: The Wonders! or Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters!

Come check them out!

Mac and Porcelain Hill – Photo by Mac

Unfortunately, I did not get to catch the bands show at The Walrus that evening. However, I did catch their music which is available from all the usual sources. Their music is a throwback, but it’s also fresh. It is high energy, funky and bluesy at the same time. I hear Dave Alvin, Stevie Ray Vaughn or any band straight out of Memphis. Take a listen to Sandcastles” off their 2016 CD See It Now, and you will share my experience when I first listened. It is exciting that they are keeping the blues funk flame burning. However, what is really exciting about this young band is their energy and enthusiasm. The way they light up when they talk about touring, playing and sharing their music with others. As I sat listening to them, it was as if they were sitting around the tree on Christmas morning opening gifts. In  this instance however, they are the gift givers and the gift is music. I will eagerly await their return to the Ohio area, and look forward to actually catching their live show.

Even more exciting is the fact they jumped in this van, left the comforts of home to share music with the people across this country. They are true believers and I know they have made converts of many as they travel the byways and stages of this country. Recently I noted they opened for Iron Butterfly in New York City. Such gigs will solidify their credentials and spread the music to more converts. I suggest to the reader that you take a minute, look them up, connect on social media, take a listen to their music and then next time they are around, go out and check em out!

Tell em Mac sent ya!


Check out their video of the “The Dream” which features that famous van.


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