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The Rust Belt Chronicles is growing again! We are pleased to announce our new staff members as we expand throughout the rust belt area and share our insight with our increasing audience and customers. Our journey started four-and-a half-years ago with over-16-million-hits to our website alone, we’re only scratching the surface.

In 2016, we had our biggest year to date with over-7-million-hits to our website alone!

Rock Lines

With 2018 just around the corner, we’ve decided to turn our online presence to a wider genre of music, people, and areas of coverage throughout the rust belt.  Our video production show, Rock Lines is undergoing additional coverage with many newly created special segments in upcoming episodes. We will be also adding dining and business reviews as well as topics designed to be effective in giving our readers more insight into the news that affects all of us. Our coverage area of new categories will be phased-in as we continue to reach a vast amount of Ohio and beyond.

Between my own personal health struggles in 2017, it’s been physically and mentally a rough year for me. Earlier this year, Erica M. Lenhoff was promoted as our new President at The Rust Belt Chronicles. Her cooperation and influence has been positive throughout the campaign. I must highly commend my entire staff as well for assisting me in many of my past chores. I am extremely proud of our staff for their self-less assistance whenever necessary.

Throughout the years, I’ve had the pleasure of having disabled people work with us and non-experienced newcomers discover their hidden talent too! Once again, we’ve added new people to our band of photographers, journalists, and video assistants. Our latest staff additions are a cross-roads of talented people with those rare personal qualities ranging from rookies to experienced and a former staff member.

We look forward to our widening spectrum of media coverage as we: “Continue to Rock, Until Otherwise Notified!

Join us as we welcome our latest staff members!

Please Welcome: Wendy Roberts

Wendy Roberts/The Rust Belt ChroniclesMy name is Wendy Roberts. I have been exposed to music for about 45 years. I learned how to play guitar in the 8th grade and when I was a senior in high school, we hosted a student council conference, “Gong (talent) Show”. I performed with a 12-string guitar and sang the Cat Stevens song “Father and Son”. After a three-way tie, the winner was chosen by audience response and much to my surprise; I won!

A few years later, I learned how to play bass guitar and was in a Southern Country Rock band with five of the best guys ever! We were called Bandit and performed together for about three-and-a half-years. I  will always cherish the memories and friendships I had with them.

If my name sounds familiar it’s because my brother, Bill Cornell is the bassist in the Mansfield based Journey Tribute band, Departure which was featured in June and July of 2017 by The Rust Belt Chronicles. I have know Jim Carver for about 45 years, when he performed on the drums with Bill in various bands.

I am honored that he has given me this opportunity in the Dayton area. I am grateful for this connection with The Rust Belt Chronicles. Stay Tuned! 

Please Welcome: Shannon Miller

I enjoy just about all music spanning many decades. Even if it’s not playing in my playlist I can still appreciate the heart  and soul an artist puts into their craft. My greatest achievement has been my three teenage boys, who have contributed greatly to widening my musical horizons. I’m stepping completely out of my comfort zone of the spectating fan… 😜






Please Welcome: KC

My name is KC. I live in the small town of Kenton, OH. I have traveled around the sun 36 times and have been attending concerts/live music shows in some form for more than half my life. My parents weren’t big on playing music around the house growing up, so it was up to my sister to show me the ropes. Her and her record (yes, record) player introduced me to anything from Michael Jackson and Prince to Ozzy Osbourne and Metallica.

Music changed my perspective on everything. My friends and I still reminisce about the the first time we heard Korn (my favorite live band, if I had to choose) or where we were when listening to a certain Tool song. I started attending concerts when I was 15 (Gin Blossoms at ONU in Ada) and have never looked back. Something about being in that live atmosphere and being able to feel the energy of everyone around me. It’s addicting. I have been to tiny bars that hold 30 people and a stage to huge rock festivals. I have been to bluegrass, hip-hop, pop, and more rock shows than I can count. I have an eclectic taste and appreciate any and all styles of music.

Photography found me later in life. Over the years I found that I just kind of had a knack for it. I would receive compliments from friends and family. It was once my husband purchased my first “real” camera that I really gave it a go. Baby pictures, Senior pictures, Engagements, Anniversaries, Weddings and just because I see something that I HAVE to take a picture of…that I have to edit.

Music and Photography are passions. They are always there as an outlet, as something to help make it through this life. I plan to use both as much as possible for as long as I can.

Please Welcome Allen Heimberger:

Hey there! My name is Allen Heimberger hailing from Loudonville, Ohio (You know… Mohican Area). I have been employed as a graphic artist and designer for the past twenty-four years, and have worked with many National and Worldwide Fortune 500 companies creating mostly print design. I am involved in Design and Illustration on a regular basis.

From an early age music was a huge influence for me. As a kid, I just wanted to sit in front of the stereo listening to whatever record collection was in front of me. Queen, KISS, The Beatles were the earliest of influences. Playing my first DJ gig at the age of thirteen, in a biker bar owned by my father, started a hobby of DJ and Emcee work that is still here, thirty-four years later.

Music is on as much as possible in my life and I am excited to get out there and share some of my experiences with you! If you see me out and about, please make sure to say hello, there is always room for more cool people in my life!

The love for Rock music, specifically Hard Rock, garnered me the nickname Rockin’ Al back in the mid-eighties. It took a while to accept, but I wouldn’t have it any other way today.

Please Welcome Back Dave Dreher:

A life long Northeast Ohioan – Dave Dreher was born and raised in North Canton Ohio and still calls the area home to this day. Graduating with honors from High School with a degree in Media Communications his life took a bit of a strange twist when be pursued and built a successful career as a professional Chef but the world of entertainment was always in his blood. After raising his family he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing and in 2015 earned a Master’s degree in Journalism.

An active writer, photographer and podcaster Dave works for several of the nets largest entertainment portals. An avid horror movie fan and lover of Rock / Metal music – he looks forward to bringing Ohio fans all the excitement that the area has to offer. Facebook –

Twitter – @savinifan




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Jim Carver About Jim Carver

Jim Carver is the President of The Rust Belt Chronicles.

In 2004, Jim graduated from North Central State College with a degree in Business Information Technology. Jim developed "Rock Lines" news report online in 2010.After a trial-run of The Rust Belt Chronicles in April of 2013, Jim decided to make his dream a reality in 2014 by re-launching The Rust Belt Chronicles.


  1. Anthony Woodard says:

    Wow, what a fantastic crew you are gathering. The list of talents and accomplishments is enormous. This group should certainly enhance your already wonderful crew!

  2. Beth Yingling says:

    Wendy will be a great addition to the Rust belt Chronicles! So many venues for her to cover in Dayton and surrounding areas!

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