Please welcome Christopher A. Rankin to the Staff!

As many of you have noticed with all of the latest changes to The Rust Belt Chronicles, our team is certainly growing!  We are happy to announce the new addition to the writing team.  Everyone please give your warmest welcome to Christopher A. Rankin!

Christopher A. Rankin is our new addition to the Staff Writing team. He has a background in Creative Writing with a focus on short stories, building novels and modern poetry.

He has attended the English program at Columbus State Community College and Ohio University. Music and writing both have been a very strong drive of his.  It all began at an early age with his discovery of an original Temptations vinyl collection.  Not to mention his grandfathers steel guitar played at almost any family occasion.  The path was set leading this young man to love music in a myriad of genres.  It seemed only natural that Christopher would combine his two passions of music and writing and pursue a future with us here at The Rust Belt Chronicles.

When Christopher is not working like a madman by day or firing off 250-500 words or more per night, he will probably be out enjoying target shooting on steel plates.  His favorite past time consists of blowing up tannerite whilst blasting AC/DC and continually pondering the great philosophical questions, like who he would rather have a beer with, Charles Bukowski or Hunter S. Thompson?

Christopher Rankin is very excited to be an addition to our team, to represent The Rust Belt Chronicles and offer his unique perspective to all the local OH and out of state music, bands and performance arts to our readership.

We are proud to have him and are excited to see the work that Mr. Rankin will create.  Everyone get ready because your reviews are going to be posted a lot sooner. We will continue to astound you with fantastic reviews and we are happy to serve the rust belt community with all your coverage needs.


Erica M. Lenhoff

President of TRBC


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Erica Lenhoff About Erica Lenhoff

Erica M. Lenhoff is a 24 year old award winning artist with a history of baking and decorating Cleveland’s best cakes and pastries. Recently she has transitioned her talents to downtown Columbus.

Miss Lenhoff has worked in the line of photography within a nationwide company where she had brought exceptional customer service working with all age groups and achieving excellent portraiture. Her personal achievement was breaking the top company sales record in 2015.
Over the years Erica has expressed her love for poetry, writing, modeling and representing the arts all over Ohio.
Her hobbies include visiting upcoming venues and checking out local scenes in food, dining, shopping and music.
With a passion for all musical genres she loves discovering up-coming artists.
Miss Lenhoff looks forward to representing Columbus and bringing a taste of the arts to you.


  1. Welcome Christopher A. Rankin! It’s very exciting to see the consistent growth!

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