Photo Recap: Trust with System 303 at The Whiskey Warehouse

While the temperatures dove below zero outside, The Whiskey Warehouse in Mansfield, Ohio was doing just fine inside. Local powerhouse rock bands Trust and System 303 took the stage for a night of awesome entertainment. System 303 got the evening started off with a solid set of originals. Trust was second on the bill and kept things rocking until the end of the evening. We were there to document the evening while enjoying the live music and camaraderie of friends and fellow fans.

System 303

System 303 at the Whiskey Warehouse 1-6-18. All Photos © Rockin' Al

From Ashland, Ohio, System 303 performed an evening full of originals, with only a couple of cover songs mixed in. They provided a great rock sound, without ever needing to get super heavy. Their originals reminded me of sounds from 90’s rock, punk, and even a little radio-friendly sound. Vocalist Rusty Kirkpatrick kept everything on point vocally while keeping the crowd energized. Towards the end of their set, it was quite a welcomed surprise when they cranked into some serious old school 2 Live Crew getting the audience heavily involved and chanting back “Hey, we want some…”, well you know the rest.


Trust at the Whiskey Warehouse 1-6-18. All Photos © Rockin' Al

From Mansfield, Ohio, Trust is a staple of the local rock and roll scene. This night featured some new band members putting their spin on a classic catalog of covers. Once the equipment switchover was complete, Trust came roaring to life, cranking out some of the area’s heaviest of covers, along with four original tunes.

Their blistering set started with some Rage Against the Machine and White Zombie and did not let down from there. Vocalist, Jacob Tackett led the band through song after song as he moved around the stage. A solid vocal performance that was accompanied by Valerie Zaciek or various band members throughout the evening. New rythem guitarist Jon Banks shook the venue with swagger as did new drummer, Nicholas Rohr, who delivered a roaring drum solo later in the night. Cornell Web performed his astute bass lines and Jake Wolfe shreded his solos!


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