Obamacare: Too Big to Fail or Too Big to Care?


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The recent rollout of the socialized medicine program known as the Affordable Care Act is a monster. Our government has taken the wrong road in one man’s attempt to create a legacy while ignoring all costs and the very consequences of its own citizen’s healthcare. President Obama would like us to believe his albatross of a program is too big to fail, but in reality we are witnessing the most colossal failure the U. S. government has ever attempted.

Our health, livelihood, personal security and finances are at stake in what merely is a attempt to redistribute the wealth.

Too Big to Fail?

What most Americans don’t realize is the government software vendor contract likely locks us into purchasing further updates, enhancements and fixes. This doesn’t exactly inspire confidence or hope towards future success. Obviously bad code, the lack of integration with insurer’s payment software or existing government legacy systems is a huge problem. The lack of security and HIPAA compliancy is blatantly irresponsible and criminal.

Similar events have happened before inside the healthcare industry. Some software vendors claim to specialize in offering solutions within the medical industry while making promises to meet all your needs with one little hitch- the software must be written from scratch. Guess who’s going be the Obamacare guinea pig?

During past IT experiences, I discovered a healthcare organization who spent millions of dollars for a software program that took several years to implement, failed to interface with existing programs, seemed to malfunction on a daily basis and required manual data entry to compensate for the systems lack of functionality. When I asked the company if it would seek to nullify the contract, I was informed the vendor was “too big to take to court and had the collateral to buy small countries if it deemed necessary.”

The fact of the matter was it took several years to fully integrate the software, reduce the downtime and work out the bugs. But at no time did the software risk the vulnerability of patient care information to would be hackers.

There is a distinct difference between too big to fail and too big to care.

Too Big to Care!

President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi insist they are willing to listen to Republicans for solutions. Nothing could be further from the truth. Despite either party’s solutions, President Obama is willing to risk the financial security and the healthcare of every American in order to redistribute the wealth.

Bad code is simply bad code. Compounding one-sixth of the nation’s economy with a bad law is catastrophic.

Millions of Americans have lost their health insurance plans and won’t have coverage as of January. This includes many of those suffering with pre-existing conditions and ongoing medical burdens. Next year, millions of workers will have their hours cut and many of those people will not be able to afford healthcare coverage or will simply opt out of obtaining coverage.

Obamacare isn’t about the greater good for all Americans, it’s about government control, rewarding special interest groups and the socialism of medicine!

A Far Better Way!

While attempting to insure individuals with pre-existing conditions is a noble idea, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out a less costly solution.

Temporarily offering Medicaid coverage to those with pre-existing conditions , allowing customers to access healthcare coverage across state lines with Health Savings Accounts and tort reform would be a sensible approach.

Millions of lives of children, women and men are at stake. The clock is ticking. The lack of accountability by our own government is stunningly ruthless. Socialized medicine is not the answer.

Let’s stop the senseless bleeding now!



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