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Normally, I’d give you a Browns article with some humor. A Cavs article displaying how close we are to ending a 52-year drought. A Buckeyes article, proving how great of a team they really are. Or even an Indians article, bashing the team’s “moneyball” philosophy. But due to certain circumstances, I had to write this piece. So here it goes…..

Late Saturday night, or early Sunday morning, a crazed gunman of Afghan descent walked into Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub and opened fire. 50 people were murdered and 53 more were severely injured. One of the injured had 12 bullets put into her. All but one of the bullets came out, with the one remaining in her liver and won’t be able to be removed. Oh, and this is a gay nightclub. Overseas, the gay community is looked at like a pariah, especially in the Islamic religion. Now, does this mean that all who practice the Islamic faith are this vile towards the LGBT community? No, of course not. Plenty of Catholics and Christians here in the states are taught homosexuality is wrong, but they accept it. Why? Because God created us in his image, and some of those the he created are gay. Before this shooting, which is being labeled as the most deadly in U.S. history, the biggest issue we faced was which bathroom is the proper bathroom to use. State governors passed “Religious Freedom Acts” left and right to allow business to prosecute those that are transgender, because “God doesn’t like that.” Again, if God had an issue with it, we wouldn’t be wired with the choice.

Now, the issue again isn’t Extreme Islamic Terrorism. It’s gun control. Who’s being blamed for this attack? The NRA (National Rifle Association) of course. The problem with that? Well, for one, they didn’t sell the gun. Hell, they didn’t even make it. The shooter, Omar Mateen, had been investigated in 2013 and 2014 for possible terrorist ties, but they believed he wasn’t a threat. His 2014 investigation was centered around a possible link between him and another Muslim-American from Florida who became a suicide bomber for a terrorist organization in Syria. Point being, this man was able to buy firearms while under FBI investigation.

The thing that’s been bothering me for months has been this horrible way we treat each other. This isn’t an article on some scumbag shooter, or who really is at fault for the shooting. In a roundabout way, I’m trying to tell you people that we need to be more accepting of one another. The problems we have come from “Your God is different than my God, so you have to leave.” Or “His skin is darker than mine, so he must be a thug or terrorist.” That’s the card we play?

How’s this?

If ALL Muslims are terrorists, and ALL African-Americans are thugs and criminals, then ALL white people are racists, and ALL Catholics are pedophiles. It’s not fun to be labeled something because of the acts of a few is it? A lot of people forget that we are ALL illegal immigrants. Native Americans are the only TRUE Americans. We slaughtered thousands, just to take their land. We forced our ideals on them and labeled them savages, just because they wouldn’t go along with what we tried to force on them. No one should have the right to say “Get out of my country. This flag isn’t yours!” Yes, I saw that this morning, and I almost threw up.

The same goes with the LGBT hatred. I don’t personally have an issue with that community. I have many friends that are gay, and a couple transgender. What’s wrong with them? They dress nice and are really friendly? Just because they like the same sex, doesn’t mean they deserve to be persecuted. According to the bible, we’re supposed to “Love thy neighbor” and “Treat other how you want to be treated.” I’m not trying to get on a religious rant, but why can’t we live by that? If people seriously think that this country is God-driven, then why not act like it?

My point-being: If we want America to be great again, and get back to how it was, then let’s get back to respecting each other. Let’s get back to focusing on more important things. For instance, let’s figure out why we have homeless and jobless veterans. Figure out how to reduce the debt in the country. Figure out a way to make sure people aren’t living paycheck to paycheck because they barely make enough to support a family. Our education system is so out of whack, why don’t we have our elected “leaders” to find a way to get us back on top in the education world. None of it will happen though. Nothing will be fixed until we stop letting political, racial and religious views run the system. Republicans and Democrats will NEVER see eye-to-eye on any issue. Gays. Guns. Global warming. Shall I keep going? The system is based off of who can pay me the most. The system is also, disturbingly, run by religion. We can’t let the bible run our lives, at least on the political field.

My thoughts are with those that died and who survived in Orlando, and with their families. I understand a lot of this article was incoherent rambling. This is how my thoughts went when typing this. I’m sure there are flaws, and I’m sure that I’ll catch a lot of heat for having these views. You can call me a “Bleeding-heart Liberal” or a “Lib-tard.” I’m white and I’m American. Most of all, I’m a human being.


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