Night Ranger Ravages the Hard Rock Rocksino with Classic Rock

Night Ranger

Night Ranger

Night Ranger sold-out their show at the Hard Rock Rocksino in Northfield Park, Ohio. Actually, this wasn’t a bit of a surprise. The popularity of this 1980’s party band hasn’t slowed down much, nor has lead guitarist skills of Brad Gillis as he astounded us with his virtuoso licks! The band set fans ablaze between their own hit recordings, deep cuts and classic rock music from side-projects such as Damn Yankees and more. Don’t miss Night Ranger on tour!

The Hard Rock Rocksino was dressed-up for Christmas with glistening lights and elaborate holiday displays at the main entrance and the bustling casino inside.  As usual, the Rock Never Stops at the Northfield location where daily promotions and weekly gaming specials are featured throughout the casino. Upon entering the gaming destination, the lights, sound and music elevate your senses. The casino was crowded with customers hoping to increase their Christmas wish list with a windfall of cash or gifts. The various fine dining restaurants and Hard Rock Café were busy serving their scrumptious food and holiday drink specials.

The security at the Hard Rock Live is superb. Metal detectors and a walk-through scanner were mandatory upon entering the concert hall. (I want to give a shout out to Marvin of the Security Team for his astute observance). These ladies and gentlemen ensure you will have a safe night of entertainment at the Hard Rock Rocksino or in the Hard Rock Live!

Night Ranger hit the stage with “Somehow Someway”, from their latest album, ‘Don’t Let Up’; transitioning into “Four In The Morning” as the fans stood and immediately let their joy encapsulate the band. “Sing Me Away” increased the happiness as Night Ranger toyed with the audience with their incredible ability to sound as if it was the 80’s all over again.

Next up was a cover of the Damn Yankees tune, “Coming of Age” followed by “Touch of Madness” The band moved into “Sentimental Street” and “Rumors In The Air”. The lead vocals were handled between drummer, Kelly Keagy and bassist, Jack Blades throughout the night, creating a pleasant swith in tonal qualities and register. The background vocals were excellent fluctuating the bands pace with angelic harmonies whenever served. Kelly surprised me since he recently is recovering from heart surgery, so between his drumming skills and lead vocals, I am sure it was a challenge, However; he handled it perfectly!

‘The power ballad, “Secret of My Success” was next as Night Ranger poured their hearts and soul into the music.  The fans were already on their feet since the opening song, it was apparent Northeast Ohio loves Night Ranger. “Passion Play” from the album, ‘Midnight Madness’ in 1983, opened with its keyboard introduction and sneaky backbeat resonating that signature sound of the band with its apprehensive feel. Surprisingly, Night Ranger cranked into Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” showing off guitar riffs and solos between Brad Gillis and former Alice Cooper guitarist, Kerri Kelly. The band gave us a partial romp back in time with Alice Cooper’s, “I’m 18” gradually moving into another Damn Yankes tune’ “High Enough”.

“Goodbye” was followed with another fan favorite ballad, “When You Close Your Eyes” as the crowd cheered the band onward! The hits kept on coming as Night Ranger launched into “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” like a house-fire and surprisingly going into Deep Purple’s “Highway Star”. The two guitarist shined all night long and Brad Gillis tones, reminded me of Danny Powers of the Michael Stanley Band in his stature and the feeling of his performance on the lead guitar. Brad Gillis is one of the most searing and gifted guitarists I’ve ever heard live!

“Sister Christian” had the crowd delirious with the sing-along by the fans. Once Kelly hit the drum riser and sat down the band exploded this power ballad into a hard rockin’ piece of affection!

There was only one-song left in Santa’s bag before Christmas and the opening of ‘(You Can Still) Rock In America” was a delight to hear and see. Both guitarists shined like the North Star proving Night Ranger still has the moxy and energy to deliver a charged-up show of hope, faith and classic rock at its finest!





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  1. Jim, they never played the song Passion Play at the December 15th show. They played it the night before in New Jersey, but not in Cleveland. Now at the Cleveland show they played Rumors In The Air, which they did not play the previous night in New Jersey.

  2. ken scheetz says:

    Jim, they never played the song Passion Play at the December 15th show. They played it the night before in New Jersey, but not in Cleveland. Now at the Cleveland show they played Rumors In The Air, which they did not play the previous night in New Jersey.

  3. ken scheetz says:

    You also left out the Don Henley cover Boys Of Summer. Night Ranger plays it so much better than Don too. But anyways, your article on this show was really great. It’s just a shame that this band after 35 years is still one of the best kept secrets in the music industry. They deserve better!

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