Mushroomhead, Unsaid Fate & Dose – Pack the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill!



Mushroomhead at the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill

All Photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / Paradiddle Publishing.

The Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill in Mansfield, Ohio may be a new venue, but it recently achieved a shot of Rock N’ Roll success by selling out a show in Mansfield, Ohio on a Thursday evening. Booking Mushroomhead, Unsaid Fate and Dose from Cleveland, Ohio was also a reason for the success.


Rick and Susan Fields, Owners of the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill.

Yes, this sparkling concert club/restaurant has amazed people locally and from out of own with their great entertainment and customer service. The fact that Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill can sell-out a show on a week night is a definitive sign of maintaining a foothold of enduring stability. While some naysayers, said it couldn’t be done, owners, Rick and Susan Fields have proven to be a formidable team along with their great staff!  The future of the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill looks very bright indeed!

Armed with three powerful bands set to deliver a night of solid music and stage performances, (who are regional favorites and have an strong fan base), the test was set.  Despite the cold weather and a weeknight booking, the show proved Mansfield, Ohio is capable of supporting the music scene!  We spoke with people who had travelled as far as Youngstown, Ohio; proving what Rick, Susan and The Rust Belt Chronicles believe; that people are willing to travel outside their immediate area to witness a great show!

Boundaries that once controlled the music market have been broken and between advertisement, the Internet and music fans, the market is no longer segmented to just bigger cities; opening the door to competition that wasn’t believed to be obtained or sustained!



Lead Vocalist, Nick Jarrell of Dose.

All Photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / Paradiddle Publishing.

novnef-201620161126_1091Dose kicked things off nicely as they powered their way through a setlist of original tunes. Vocalist, Nick Jarrell, displayed his passion and his voice with a strong urgency. Nick amazed me with his exuberant and edgy tone.  Drummer, Jeff Morrow was a beast as he catapulted his band-mates with a frenzy of percussive thunder, His stick tricks and attitude is a lot of fun to witness. Jeff gave me some great shots from the drum throne, but unfortunately due to the low and red lighting; I wasn’t able to get the camera to fire on a short series of bursts.novnef-201620161126_1071

Bassist, Mike Marczak, curtailed the stage with his limber fingers and pulsating lower-end filling the venue. Marczak enjoyed the crowd and returned the graciousness to the fans by lobbying his lush bass lines during the set! Guitarist, Jay Morrow shined through the set with his solos and rhythmic chords establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with! This guy can rock with the best of them.

I am already looking forward to hearing Dose perform again. These guys have the attitude and the musicianship to make a lot of noise with their no nonsense approach while pushing you to the edge! With the anticipated release of a new CD in early 2017 on Mushroomhead’s label, Filthy Hands/SK1 the outlook is bright for the future!


Drummer, Jeff Morrow of Dose.

All Photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / Paradiddle Publishing.

The band impressed me with their originality of their tunes and professional demeanor. Oddly enough, Dose is renaming some of their tunes. They totally blew me away with one song reminiscent with it’s Led Zeppelin based riffs and rhythm’s. Clearly, Dose is a remarkable band and capable of delivering a solid show! Whether it’s opening or headlining Dose is a band to make you forget whatever ails you!

Dose Photo Gallery

Slider Photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / Paradiddle Publishing.


Unsaid Fate

All Photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / Paradiddle Publishing.

novnef-201620161126_1115Unsaid Fate has the charisma, charm and beauty of Jackie LaPonza, fronting the stage with her amazing vocals; how can you go wrong? This young lady provides the steamy allure of one of the hottest Women in the Metal Rock scene! Combine the fact that Unsaid Fate has some killer material, been touring the USA with Mushroomhead, along with accompanying  Mushroomhead on their upcoming European tour; you have the perfect storm!

novnef-201620161126_1131The Metal Masters from the Rock N’ Roll Capital of the World have a bright future as they establish fans across the globe with a fierce punch of grit, savvy energy and blistering tunes. On this night, Unsaid Fate left no doubt with the crowd as they masterfully gave us a night to remember!

Jackie LaPonza oozed with her lush voice, appearance and undeniable sexiness! The audience showered her with affection and she even recorded some of the love of the fans on her cell phone. Jackie is a burst of energetic fever often smiling at the crowd and when needed, laying down some deep scowling vocals, penetrating the venue to the last fan standing!  Having never seen Unsaid Fate or met Jackie before, I can say she is a sweetheart of a person and has the stamina to last in the music scene. With the merch table selling posters of her, it’s no wonder this talented artist is about to take the entire globe by storm!


Drummer, Mike LaPonza of Unsaid Fate.

All Photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / Paradiddle Publishing.

novnef-201620161126_1109The band scorched through the setlist and provided the front woman with extra flair, punch and vigor as they delighted the fans. The guitarist shredded and droned his relentless pursuit of metal debauchery across the six-strings. At one point he stood on my back as I knelt down to check my camera settings. I obliged, since technically all the world is a stage, so this was a different and unexpected turn of events.

novnef-201620161126_1123The bassist delivered a plethora of harmonic notes often staying on his side of the stage, but at one point he made posses with the guitarist resulting in some climaxing moments during their staccato duets. The drummer was fantastic as he belted the skins and smashed the cymbals relentlessly. The fury of his timing, walloped the venue as he drove the band into a bedlam of sonic persuasion.

There is no doubt Unsaid Fate can deliver a steaming plate of metal to their audience. The road is upward and onward in the appeal, music and stage presence! I only hope I can catch Unsaid Fate again before they become globally successful and only perform national tours!

Unsaid Fate Photo Gallery

Slider Photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / Paradiddle Publishing.



Mushroomhead drenching the crowd!

All Photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / Paradiddle Publishing.

novnef-201620161126_1193Mushroomhead has an unbelievable following of fans. With the band set to launch a European tour in January, those overseas fans will see Mushroomhead live for the first-time. This was Mushroomhead’s second performance in Mansfield, following their summer show at Ink In The Clink 2016. The bands ends their USA tour tonight at the Cleveland Agora!

While I’ve only seen the band in action at both Mansfield, Ohio concerts it was obvious their occult like status wouldn’t be questioned on this particular night. The band went full bore from the first note to the last escalating the frenzy of the sold-out show. With low lighting a majority of the show and the lights allowing the water to sparkle in different colors from their dual setup of water drums, it was a showering event of magnitude proportions.

novnef-201620161126_1199The atmosphere was charged with a tribal feel of unity between the crowd and the band.  Mushroomhead performed all original tunes with many of those songs from the newest CD, The Righteous and The Butterfly, as they drenched those near the front with waves of water, much to the adornment of the fans. The lighting made it difficult to shoot decent shots and by the second song, I was advised not to shoot from the photo pit due to the risk of falling in the water and injury. Completely understandable since it was a security issue!

novnef-201620161126_1203Their music combined with electronica, hard rock and metal overtones created the ambience for a encompassing environment of jolted thunder at times. Some tunes were more of a romp of a shuffle of eighth-notes, reminding me of the 70’s and at other times a deep translated vibe of electronica . The band has their show down to a prolific display of costumes, with colorful masks and the anonymous appearance lends a heavy hand into their themes.  The glanderous appeal of the stage show accompanied by the tantric tunes, often swoops you up in a feeling of ominous undertones; resulting in the complete aura of splendorous music, vibe and rhythm!

Jackie LaPonza guested on vocals and her make-up, mask and persona still shined through the appearance, This band is one of those bands you either hate or love and I must say judging from the fans; it was all love! I advise the European market to beware as they are about to be captured by their sight and senses from one of the U.S.A. ‘s oddest and definitive bands of visual appeal since KISS.

Mushroomhead will defintely rock you!

Mushroomhead Photo Gallery

Slider Photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / Paradiddle Publishing.





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  1. What an all around excellent evening Jim, and I am dreaming about the food they served there – Yummy! Thank you so much for being there, it was a pleasure to meet you. I look forward to seeing you around.


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