MUSHROOMHEAD, Unsaid Fate and Strait Jacket SELL-OUT the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill!


Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill

Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill fans awaiting the appearance of MUSHROOMHEAD!

Last Saturday, MUSHROOMHEAD, Unsaid Fate and Strait Jacket provided a blast of Hard Rock and Metal music to a sold-out Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill in Mansfield, Ohio! The night was a frenzy of madness between the music, bands, fans and venue. Once again, the Whiskey Warehouse handled the event with a professional attitude, great service and optimal safe environment. The all-ages show gives he youngest fans the opportunity to rock-out with their favorite artists and the youngest fans we saw thoroughly enjoyed the concert from the front row!

The youngest Rocker in the House!


The Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill had a line of fans outside going through the security check when I arrived ensuring the safety of the fans. Inside the venue was packed displaying its Rock N’ Roll ambience and stealthy sound system pumping out recorded tunes. If you haven’t been to the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill you owe it to yourself to see this fine upscale establishment. People are travelling to Mansfield from all over Ohio and beyond to see what the fuss is all about. With national and local artists performing in this intimate setting, weekly food and drink specials being offered the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill should be your destination for a great night out!

During national shows the venue removes a majority of the seats and all of the tables to accommodate the larger crowds. Ample seating and tables are available for all other entertainment events. Whether for music, food or a celebration with friends and family, stop by the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill! You won’t be disappointed.

Strait Jacket

Strait Jacket opened the show like a hurricane! This Mansfield, Ohio group of veteran musicians smiled, juked and vibrated their performance with a surreal amount of attitude, energy and power. Fronted by vocalist, Snook Mullins the band performed a variety of Hard Rock cover tunes scaled to start the party off right! With the band also working on their own original tunes to interject into their show the future looks quite bright for Strait Jacket.

Stait Jacket vocalist, Snook Mullins.

Snook Mullins worked the crowd feverishly as he strode across the stage unleashing a fury of vocals! His ability to soar with sonic ease and energy set the mode for a hyper-charged evening of music and mayhem. It was clear prior to the show the band was pumped and I’ve got to admit their fans loved every minute of the performance.  The bands name lived up to the expectations as they definitely busted out of their “Straight Jacket” and gave us a night of crazed energetic bedlam!

Guitarist, Gil Haynes performing with clarity!

Guitarist, Gil Haynes smiled as he seared through his guitar solos and riffs like a man in ecstasy! It’s been years since I’ve witnessed Gil’s talents and I must say he is an exceptional musician!  His absence from the rock scene never affected his ability on this night. Gil literally ripped through the strings with a fury of excitement as he immaculately engineered his guitar like a master!

Drummer, Tyler Muncy firing on all cylinders!

Drummer, Tyler Muncy was a powerful young man on percussion while providing his mates with consistent timing, explosiveness and eagerness to move the band from one song to the next, keeping the excitement flowing. Someone in the crowd requested a drum solo and unscripted it was magnificent! At the end of one tune his snare drum rapid-fire burst reminded me of Carl Palmer or Mike Portnoy’s abilty to perform an accented rhythm inside a loose drum roll. Amazing!

Bassist, Chad Terry.

Bassist, Chad Terry absconded the bass like a paranormal entity, often scaling the fret and strings with flair, exuberance and energy! This guy brings the bottom-end to a roar as he perpetuates his distinctive talent. Don’t let his muscle-man build and onstage attitude persuade you to think he is a tough guy. Chad is a friendly guy who loves to rock and discuss the bands future. While in front of a crowd his playing is a delight to witness as he strides the band to excellence!

Strait Jacket is a force in the local music scene and the fact they perform cover tunes not covered by other area band is refreshing. The setlist of music was purposely conceived to eliminate the possibility of comparing Strait Jacket to other cover bands in the area. I applaud their smart approach and look forward to seeing Strait Jacket again.


Strait Jacket Photo Gallery.

Unsaid Fate

Unsaid Fate can be summed up in four words: Jackie LaPonza and dynamite! The appeal, sexiness and vocal dynamics of Jackie are astounding. While the band obliterates the background with energy, epic musical moments and a sonic blistering of music. Make no mistake about while all eyes are on Jackie, the other two members provide a litanty of Metal to melt your bones.

Lead Vocalist, Jackie LaPonza of Unsaid Fate!

“Super Woman” Jackie LaPonza!

Watching Jackie onstage is completely captivating! So captivating for this photographer, I forgot to change my camera setting back to a lower aperture, so I apologize to all for the dark photos. Perhaps the question is how does Jackie possess the “Super Woman capabilities” to smother a crowd with her emotional vocals and then disappear onstage only to re-appear with a greater persona? Her ability to charm the sexes is a given, but her onstage moves are an athletic display of physical power as well! She simply makes you forget about everything in life, while she is onstage.

The crowd was pumped as Unsaid Fate delivered a wide selection of their great tunes. Although the band has shrunk to a  trio of present musicians, the sound didn’t suffer and the power of Unsaid Fate was clearly motivating the fans to a fever pitch of excitement. The Cleveland, Ohio rockers unleashed a blast of Metal tunes leveled with a punch so severe it was felt throughout the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill!


Drummer, Mike LaPonza of Unsaid Fate.

I had the pleasure of meeting the parents of Jackie who informed me their Son, Mike LaPonza is now the drummer. The young man attacked the drum kit with a powerful blast of energy, flair and exuberance. This guy was fun to watch as he drove the band into a blitzkrieg of frenzy, while maintaining excellent control and tempo. Something tells me the family has a history of physical attributes in their genes. Mike also adds his name to the alumni of great drummers from the Cleveland, Ohio area!

Guitarist, Don DeBiase providing the riffs!

The guitarist, Don DeBiase, blasted obstenious rhythms as he stammered across the stage and razzled the fans with devastating riffs and solos. The man has a way about him in his style and impeccable sway. He had to be roasted in his jacket, but the perpetual steam was flowing through his fingers as he strummed the fans to a smeltering of sounds!  Perhaps Unsaid Fate does have  super powers!

UNSAID FATE Photo Gallery.

Having just finished their European tour with MUSHROOMHEAD, the band is set to further establish their appeal with a bevy of great tunes, exceptional musicians and the lovely Jackie LaPonza. Somehow when you have those factors on your side, I don’t see why Unsaid Fate won’t be a household name throughout the land.

Super powers aren’t needed as Unsaid Fate have a established fan-base and plenty of inspirational tunes to take the band higher!

Unsaid Fate provided a riveting display of jaw-dropping power at the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill.

Checkout Unsaid Fate when you have the opportunity, I believe you will enjoy every minute of this band!


The phenomena known as MUSHROOMHEAD is a unique blend of music, costumes, musicians and structure. Although the identities are somewhat obscure their music, power and stage show are a entity that separates them from the norm! The Cleveland, Ohio band has captured a bevy of fans to a powerful occult-like status, who are willing to travel for miles to see MUSHROOMHEAD on tour.

Another sold-out show at the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill since the bands last appearance in Mansfield, Ohio and a European tour have proven their popularity. MUSHROOMHEAD have managed to capture the imagination of the masses with their vision to provide a unique experience for each show. As usual, the costume changes featuring a variety of masks with two songs featuring Jackie LaPonza in a vocal duet with MUSHROOMHEAD kept the fans alert.

While their gimmicks are a highlight, their music is the stable of their success. The band gives the fans a great show of constant change with constant music setting the tone for an unforgettable evening of entertainment. Much like The Grateful Dead, RUSH and KISS, MUSHROOMHEAD have ignored the conventional thinking of performance resulting into a macabre, musical adventure of epic proportions! Being able to “think outside the box” has ignited the  Cleveland, Ohio band to fame.

The music was loud as it reverberated throughout the venue. The vocals were crisp and clean. The artistic masks often glowed-in-the dark as MUSHROOMHEAD took us on a journey. The sound and lighting enhance the musical display and assist in setting the tone. The special effects of the lighting on the “water drums” provided a bevy of dancing H2O off the skins.   I took the opportunity to brave the photo pit area to photograph the band (a showering experience) resulting in water drops collecting on my lens (please forgive the anomalies). But just like MUSHROOMHEAD, the shots reflect the live environment of their performance.


I am looking already looking forward to seeing MUSHROOMHEAD at Ink In The Clink 2017 in July in Mansfield, Ohio!

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