Mushroomhead Halloween Show at The Cleveland Agora October 28th!

Mushroomhead Halloween Show

The world famous Cleveland Agora known for its outstanding history in the music scene, as well as it’s eerie and beautiful architecture is host once again to The Mushroomhead Official Annual Halloween Show.  The Agora will have the Ballroom as well as the Theater open as it is one of the largest events of the year.  Mushroomhead’s full on production is created as an experience you can’t receive from them any other time of the year.


Mushroomhead originated in October of 1993 and took the world by surprise with their theatrical twist on the metal scene.  The members wear jumpsuits and wear dark unique masks that haunt as well as captivate you.  The sound you can expect from them is nothing short of unique with sharp melodic, rap infused metal.  They started climbing the charts in the early 2000’s and have astounded us over the years.  Top singles just too name a few are; ‘Sun Doesn’t Rise’, ‘Qwerty’, ‘Kill Tomorrow’, and ‘Crazy’.  They bring a presence to the stage unlike anything else you have seen, from their presence to  fascinating stage props to Water Drums, there is nothing in comparison to what we will witness on Saturday.

Unsaid Fate

Opening for Mushroomhead will be the Cleveland originated powerhouse of a regional band, UnSaid Fate.  The band is led by Vocalist Jackie LaPonza, one of the most sharp and inspiring female vocalists of our time.  She brings creativity and hope to our generation with her lyrics just as her fellow band members bring the heat to the stage with a force just as strong.  UnSaid Fate released their latest EP ‘Never Turning Back‘ in 2014 and it has rocked us away with top songs; “Our Addiction”, “Never Coming Back”, “Always”, and “Memories”. Jackie knows how to take a stage and we are excited to see what they will bring.


     VentanA will also take on the stage during this heavy night of terror and inspiration. Founded by Rick “Stich” Thomas, VentanA  draws you in with fascination as they appear in full suits and masks.  The imagery they create presents them to be something taken out of a haunting apocalyptic era.  With heavy and driven sounds blended with a techno-melodic twists you can be sure to be rocked and entertained.  Top songs we can hope to hear will be “3rd World Paradise”, “Shameful” as well as, “No Lives Matter” all off their album, ‘The Silent Majority’.


    Dose will be rocking the venue as well!  With hard hitting sounds these guys know how to take the stage and own it.  They bring metal to a whole new level that will get you addicted and wanting more. Make sure to check them out on stage because we are expecting to see an album through the record label, Filthy Hands SK1 and it will be out SOON.  You are going to want a taste of this.

Other Bands expected to play between Theater and Ballroom are:

Dawn Lights, Half Raised Heathens, September Circle, DisgraceD, Ruins of Tekoah, 10/31, Twysted Asylum, Ford the River.

You can purchase tickets HERE

What: Mushroomhead Halloween Show

When: Saturday, October 28th at 6PM through Sunday, October 29th 1:30AM

Where: Cleveland Agora

5000 Euclid Avenue

Cleveland, OH

Details: General Admission: $29.99 ADV/$35 at the door, Suite and Opera Boxes are available.  This is a Halloween event so get scary if you dare, dress up and join the fun!

See you there!

-Erica M. Lenhoff, President of TRBC






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Her hobbies include visiting upcoming venues and checking out local scenes in food, dining, shopping and music.
With a passion for all musical genres she loves discovering up-coming artists.
Miss Lenhoff looks forward to representing Columbus and bringing a taste of the arts to you.


  1. The Mushroomhead Halloween show is definitely the most fun and amazing show of the year!

  2. Mike Cooper says:

    This prob the biggest show for this man my girl Cindy’s fist Hallaween show and all my MUSH kids love you all can t wait OMG

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