Motograter: NEW album Desolation! Insider on unreleased Music Video of “Dorian” GET READY!


     Motograter, the tribal painted masters of metal and mind blowing rock have done it again.  The new album “Desolation” through EMP Label Group is dropping on August, 11th 2017.  I am here to tell you that it is nothing short of amazing.

Tracks are as follows:

1. Parasite

2. Dorian

3. Victim

4. Paragon

5. Bleeding Through

6. Misanthropical

7. Daggers

8. Portrait of Decay

9. Locust

10. Rise (There Will Be Blood)

11. Shadows

I have had the album in my possession since July 17th and it has not left my stereo since.  Each song seems to link into the next creating a story proclaiming the full portrait of Desolation.  James Legion’s haunting and powerful vocals pull you in as he draws out the lyrics portraying the broken and beautiful imagery from the start of the album to the very end.  This particularly hit me while blasting, “Bleeding Through” and it has become my favorite song of 2017.

The band definitely put forth great attention to detail.  “Locust” for example has the very buzzing and screeching of locusts fading into the background. This album is an art piece. Motograter is on the rise and the album is second to none.  If you are a metal head, one who cares for excellent rock or one who has an interest in what a Motograter is…well good news,  this album is for you!

Motograter not only has our minds blown over the new album but also a new Music Video is soon to be released! We had the honor and pleasure of documenting and assisting our lighting equipment in the making of Motograter’s yet to be released music video of “Dorian.”  This second track off of Desolation is a powerful, driven and soul gripping track and the video has provided such justice.

The making of “Dorian” took place at The Ohio State Reformatory, the historic prison located in Mansfield, OH.  The prison is best known for its steady use in the film, The Shawshank Redemption. We started with a pitch black room off of a cell block heavily coated with dust of memories lost.  Paint was peeling off the ceiling and amusingly fell with the reverberation of the band.  We had turned it into the finest set you can create out of an assumed haunted prison and I am beyond stoked for the results.

Guitarists Matthew “Nuke” Nunes and Jesse Stamper bring a wave of energy and heaviness to the album AND video along with a ton of glorious bass between Bassist Mylon Guy and master of the Motograter, Dustin “Skunk” Anderson.  Upon the throne of wild thrashing beats is none other than Noah “Shark” Robertson on drums.  Again, a beautiful credit to James Legion for raging, daunting and powerful vocals. Motograter is a band of pure talent set to leave your mind desolated. You may preorder your copy of the the album DESOLATION now or grab it on the release date August, 11th 2017.  Stay tuned for the Music Video “Dorian” and keep a look out for when Motograter hits your town.  The guys are on tour and they are a performance you don’t want to miss.

Behind the Scenes Slide Show

Special thank you to James, Nuke, Shark, Mylon, Dustin and Jesse for having us behind the scenes and for the memories made.

Keep on rocking on,

Erica M. Lenhoff, President of TRBC.


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