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Amanda SniderAmanda Snider, A.K.A. “Dinky” is a 35-year old working mother of three boys: Trenton, Kole, and Jaxtyn. I was born in Bucyrus but now live in Upper Sandusky. I work full-time at Bridgestone. My passion of music was instilled in my blood from a very young age as my parents had me listening to a wide range of music from Hank Williams Jr., Guns N’ Roses, to Prince and Madonna.

I’ve performed music throughout my life in dance classes, played keyboard and clarinet. As a teenager, I wrote my own music, playing acoustic guitar and singing in a café in Columbus Ohio. My first concert was Korn when I was 15-years old at the Newport Music Hall in Columbus and then, I realized I was hooked.

As I’ve become older, music has inspired my whole life in so many ways including my family, kids and my professional life. There is not a day that goes by that music is not included. I have my own little personal life soundtrack in my head at all times.


Hello, my name is Jennifer Colleen. I am an Ohio native, born in Cleveland, raised in Lakewood, and I currently reside in Clevelands, Tremont Neighborhood. Growing up, I had an affinity towards arts and science. I sang in the choir, tried my hand at several instruments, took dance and drawing classes…all while competing on my schools Science Olympiad Team. Career wise I chose to follow a path in science. I have degrees from Youngstown State University and Missisippi State University (Go Penguins! Go Bulldogs!). I currently work in Sports Medicine. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized how much I miss the arts being a bigger part of my life. I now make an effort to get back to taking classes, attending art shows, and of course getting my butt to as many rock shows as possible….I guess you could say science feeds my wallet, but I need the arts to feed my soul!

Music wise, I am a rocker chick at heart. My all time favorite band is Aerosmith, but honestly I have an appreciation for most genres of music….I’m sure it has something to do with growing up in a household that listened to everything from classic rock to bagpipes lol.

I’m looking forward to this next adventure working with the RBC team and sharing everything that’s is going on in the local music scene with all the RBC readers.

My name is Mandy, I have a head for science and a heart for the arts.  My talents were discovered at the ripe young age of six, when mine was the only apple painted red amongst a sea of blues, greens and purples like the rest of my class.  Acrylic carefully ensured to stay within the circular shape envisioned within my young mind,  my love of the arts only expanded.

It was only a few short years after the apple phenomenon that a talent for music was discovered next.  Unable to read a note of music, I managed to teach myself musical masterpieces such as ‘Twinkle, Twinkle” and “Mary Had a Little Lamb”.  That was only the beginning to my music exploration, for it was not long before I had managed to teach myself the scores of Phantom of the Opera, simply by listening to the music over and over again until I figured it out.  It was then my parents saw that the potential in me and got me music lessons.  Frustrating at it was to break old habits of listening to music instead of reading it, eventually my teacher broke through my thick head and I was able to take what I had learned and put it towards the guitar and vocal interests.

It doesn’t stop there, however, painting and music was only the beginning!  When I reached high school I got involved with theater.  Performing both at my high school and several of the private all boy schools in the area, I got a taste for performing and that taste was addictive.  I kept with my new addiction all throughout college and even beyond, lending my acting direction and stage managing talents to various shows and theaters in the greater Cleveland area.

While striving to become the next big thing to hit the stage, I discovered another form of art that was entirely new to me, photography.  I took a few basic classes in college and that took me all the way across the great pond to Edinburgh, Scotland where I studied a semester aboard at Napier University.  Since then, I have found such joy peering through that little lens and discovering the hidden wonders of the world and the people in it.

From painting to music to theater and photography, I find ways to keep my head in the clouds where my creativity can run away with me.  There is no telling where I will find inspiration, but I am excited to see what can be discovered within this new and exciting chapter with the RPC team!

Vice-President, Shannon Hamilton is also known as “Hammy” by his close friends. Born in Ashland, Ohio and he currently resides in West Salem, Ohio with my wife, Laura and daughter, Allysa. My love of music started when I found a copy of Black Sabbath’s 1973 album, “Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath’. Music has always been a strong presence in my life starting as a young kid. My first concert was Iron Maiden at the age of 15 in 1988 at The Richfield Coliseum. My enjoyment of music extends to every level from the national, regional and local scene in Cleveland, Ohio.  I tend to lean toward the heavy side of music scene with my favorite bands being MUSHROOMHEAD, Pantera and White Zombie.

Photography has given me the chance to combine my love for music into the challenge of capturing some great shots. I am looking forward to improving my skills of live music photography as I learn from every experience!


Hey there! My name is Allen Heimberger hailing from Loudonville, Ohio (You know… Mohican Area). I have been employed as a graphic artist and designer for the past twenty-four years, and have worked with many National and Worldwide Fortune 500 companies creating mostly print design. I am involved in Design and Illustration on a regular basis.
From an early age music was a huge influence for me. As a kid, I just wanted to sit in front of the stereo listening to whatever record collection was in front of me. Queen, KISS, The Beatles were the earliest of influences. Playing my first DJ gig at the age of thirteen, in a biker bar owned by my father, started a hobby of DJ and Emcee work that is still here, thirty-four years later.
The love for Rock music, specifically Hard Rock, garnered me the nickname Rockin’ Al back in the mid-eighties. It took a while to accept, but I wouldn’t have it any other way today.
Music is on as much as possible in my life and I am excited to get out there and share some of my experiences with you! If you see me out and about, please make sure to say hello, there is always room for more cool people in my life!

My name is KC. I live in the small town of Kenton, OH. I have traveled around the sun 36 times and have been attending concerts/live music shows in some form for more than half my life. My parents weren’t big on playing music around the house growing up, so it was up to my sister to show me the ropes. Her and her record (yes, record) player introduced me to anything from Michael Jackson and Prince to Ozzy Osbourne and Metallica.

Music changed my perspective on everything. My friends and I still reminisce about the the first time we heard Korn (my favorite live band, if I had to choose) or where we were when listening to a certain Tool song. I started attending concerts when I was 15 (Gin Blossoms at ONU in Ada) and have never looked back. Something about being in that live atmosphere and being able to feel the energy of everyone around me. It’s addicting. I have been to tiny bars that hold 30 people and a stage to huge rock festivals. I have been to bluegrass, hip-hop, pop, and more rock shows than I can count. I have an eclectic taste and appreciate any and all styles of music.

Photography found me later in life. Over the years I found that I just kind of had a knack for it. I would receive compliments from friends and family. It was once my husband purchased my first “real” camera that I really gave it a go. Baby pictures, Senior pictures, Engagements, Anniversaries, Weddings and just because I see something that I HAVE to take a picture of…that I have to edit.

Music and Photography are passions. They are always there as an outlet, as something to help make it through this life. I plan to use both as much as possible for as long as I can.

My name is Wendy Roberts. I have been exposed to music for about 45 years. I learned how to play guitar in the 8th grade and when I was a senior in high school, we hosted a student council conference, “Gong (talent) Show”. I performed with a 12-string guitar and sang the Cat Stevens song “Father and Son”. After a three-way tie, the winner was chosen by audience response and much to my surprise; I won!

A few years later, I learned how to play bass guitar and was in a Southern Country Rock band with five of the best guys ever! We were called Bandit and performed together for about three-and-a half-years. I  will always cherish the memories and friendships I had with them.

If my name sounds familiar it’s because my brother, Bill Cornell is the bassist in the Mansfield based Journey Tribute band, Departure which was featured in June and July of 2017 by The Rust Belt Chronicles. I have know Jim Carver for about 45 years, when he performed on the drums with Bill in various bands.

I am honored that he has given me this opportunity in the Dayton area. I am grateful for this connection with The Rust Belt Chronicles. Stay Tuned!

LarryRitterbigpicThe President of The Rust Belt Chronicles, Larry Ritter. Hello my name is Larry Ritter, or “Big L” to most of my friends. I’m a production supervisor for a major manufacturer of auto parts here in northwest Ohio. I received an associate’s degree from Owen’s Community College where I graduated cum laude honors. I have a true passion for music, sports, photography and riding motorcycles. My love for these things are surpassed by just one thing, family, which includes two sons, a daughter and eight grandchildren.

I have resided in the northwest area of Ohio in the Village of Carey for 52 of the 54 years I’ve been alive. While I enjoy visiting the big city, it’s always nice to come back to the peace and quiet of a town with the population of around 3500.

My love for music goes back to junior high when I was given my first stereo. Once I took in my first live concert, Journey and Pablo Cruise in 1978, I was hooked for life. I’ve lost track of the number of bands I have seen over the years and have no plans to keep that number from growing. There’s nothing like taking in a live show whether it’s a major event like Ohio’s own Rock on the Range which is a three day event with over 60 bands performing live at Mapfre (Formerly Crew) Stadium, or a lineup of new and upcoming talent at a local establishment in any city I visit far and wide.

Like music I have been into sports since participating in various sports as a child and that love has continued throughout my adult life as well. My experiences have included a six year stint as a high school wrestling coach at my alma mater, playing and coaching competitive softball for 30 years, bowling for 45 years and covering all of the high school sporting events for two local districts which are then published in the local weekly newspapers. I also do a weekly column during the high school football season in which I predict the outcome of the upcoming matchups of area gridiron contests.

Photography, specifically action photography, has become my latest love. It has given me the opportunity to integrate all of my passion into one nice little package. I not only get to go to live shows and sporting events, but I also get to capture the action forever digitally. That feeling of getting that once in a lifetime shot is something that is almost surreal and hard to describe. But to be able to share that moment with others is truly an amazing feeling.

I look forward to using the skills I have to cover the music scene for you in northwest Ohio from Toledo to Lima or Van Wert to Mansfield and any spot in between, I’ll have it covered for you.


Contributing Photographers/ Journalist


2014-01-26 13.13.50David Alan Gilk is a model fashion, people person, photographer. I do a lot of events like weddings to rock bands and fun photo jobs in front of my camera.

I also design and rent out my own line of photo booths.

I have energetic colorful imagery that I have a lot of passion for. I run a client friendly, service –oriented business. He believes that great creativity often is the result of a team effort and values working closely with his client. David is based in Girard Ohio with his Irish Setter dog, Duke.

When I’m not working with photography or planting pepper and tomatoes in my garden; I make a little time for a ride on the country roads with my Harley Davidson Road King.


 Matheson KaminMatheson Kamin has a history as a writer/reviewer that stretches back more than ten years. In that time, he has written for many short-lived websites and publications, as well as some lesser-known ones that are still in existence. For the last 8 years or so, Matheson has added many reviews to both The Rock And Roll Report and to his own blog called Matheson’s Entertainment Blog. Wanting a chance to once again cover the Greater Cleveland music scene, Matheson is looking forward to writing for The Rust Belt Chronicles.

Find me online at, and Add me at

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