ME-TV: A nice alternative to today’s television programming!

Memorable Entertainment Television Network

Memorable Entertainment Television Network

Many of us older folks remember a time when television featured programming primarily based on morals and integrity. Nobody was ever thrown off Gilligan’s Island and the closest thing to reality TV was Leave it to Beaver. Well the good news is cable television has given us the option to return to a simpler time with the Memorable Entertainment Television Network (ME-TV).

I accidently stumbled across ME-TV and found three of my favorite childhood programs were on rotation: Daniel Boone, Wagon Train and Combat! I never thought the chances of viewing all three of those shows would be possible.

Some of greatest shows from the 1950’s through the 1970’s are featured on ME-TV. Wholesome entertainment like: The Donna Reed Show, Dick Van Dyke and My Three Sons. Saturday afternoons are filled with Westerns (The Rifleman, Bonanza, Gunsmoke and Rawhide), while Sundays feature detective/mystery program’s such as Columbo, Peter Gunn, Kojak , Naked City and The Rockford Files.

To check your access availability to ME-TV, visit this page. The programs on ME-TV run a series of rotation and eventually are replaced with other shows from yesteryear. You may check ME-TV’s program schedule here.

It’s nice to have an alternative to today’s TV programming with the option to learn something of value.  The golden age of television, was a time when integrity was held to a higher standard by Hollywood and the American people. Many of the younger generation sadly missed the lessons of life when TV wasn’t merely based on competition, greed and selfishness. ME-TV definitely reminds us of those days and contrasts today’s lack of value in television and society.

Check out ME-TV, the difference is startling.


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  1. Why does ME TV repeat the same (very few) Columbo episodes week after week. Columbo was on Tv for approximately 9 years. Why not show the other episodes? How many times can we view the same shows? I’ve given up watching these few episodes.

  2. I love Metv I watch it all day until 8:00 pm , then I switch too net work programing !
    But now I switch channels after Love Boat! Because I hate mod squad and Rockford files, I almost get physically ill It’s the worst story line ” it has no story line” three idiots tuning around with no guns no badges & no scents!!! captain has a Moe hair cut. So you’ve lost Me and countless others. I Will not come back till it’s Off Off Off Off!!!
    Now I’m not Nineveh enough to think that your going to take it off too please me!!! Just needed too voice my opinion!!! And don’t expect a Reply although it would be nice!!!
    But if you are inclined to pull the Rug on that mistake! “The Adams Family”
    would be nice !
    Thanks for listing to my Rant!
    Sincerely D B Patton (Army Maj. Ret.)

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