Making Connections?

Image used courtesy of: dbnunley.It seems we share a common problem with other bloggers, business owners and organizations. In order to succeed you must connect with people. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, pitching or want to become. Until you have built a loyal following, nobody really notices your efforts.

Connections are the new economy. Most of our shopping is done online through companies we’ve come to trust. Twenty years ago, we would’ve had second thoughts about trusting anyone online with our credit card information. Today, it’s a common practice.

In today’s economy connections are everything. Whether it’s customers or employees our ability to connect is what builds trusting relationships. It’s not about you or me. It’s about others.

Most CEO’s, presidents and management have a new role to fill and don’t have a clue how to win the confidence of their customers and employees in order to create a culture where everyone is connected. The top-down style of management is dead. The Industrial Age had its day and many companies that haven’t figured this out are slowly dying.

The top-down approach was always focused on the person higher –up the ladder. The CEO’s concern was keeping the board of trustees happy, the CFO was concerned about the CEO, and the supervisor was concerned about keeping their manager happy. Who cared about the employees and customers? Nobody!

During the Industrial Age the assumption was people had to have what you offered. Choices were limited. The Internet has allowed us to become a global economy. That’s why the top-down style of management totally misses the boat. That ship has sailed and is likely not coming back soon.

In the Industrial Age, it wasn’t imperative to establish a relationship; it was a matter of driving business through advertisement. The choices are so vast now, there is only one-way to survive- by building trust and connecting with those that matter most to your success. Companies are building trust through offering their services online; twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. How are going to compete?

That’s why billboard ads are useless. Nobody pays much attention to those targeted signs. If people have a connection with you they care, if not; you’re wasting money that could’ve been spent on your resources (your employees and customers). They are the one’s seeking your loyalty.

The employees and customers are the bottom line. Not your stockholders, board or mantra. You only have two choices- connect or stay disconnected.

Every day you hesitate to connect you’re losing ground. When a car is disconnected from a train it has no momentum, it’s dead on the tracks. The remaining cars are able to travel faster and gather more steam for the journey. Disconnecting is isolation.

Sitting idle on the tracks of life is no comfortable position. While some see managing without the top-down approach as a loss of power, it’s really your only chance to remain powerful and become noble.


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