Lessons Learned in Commission Sales!

David A12/01/2012

The local markets in Lexington, Ohio are no longer carrying my book. Sales through Wayne’s Country Market dissipated to the point of not justifying shelf space.

The other shop basically ripped me off by losing a portion of my sales money or failed to charge correctly on a half a dozen books. This was really disappointing since 10% of the sales were to be donated to the Lexington, Ohio High School Music Boosters and a relative of the store formerly served with the Music Boosters.

Previously in 2011, I was shorted on sales for the book perhaps due to the store offering another book being sold for $17.00 at the store. I had provided the store with flyers and posters and a plastic display case for the book; the owner claimed the staff must have charged incorrectly for the book. I reasoned it was no big deal. I would just absorb the small loss.

When I dropped by the store (this Spring) to view how the sales were going; I still had two or three books out of a dozen left on display. The envelope of my earnings was missing of prior books sold. The owner didn’t offer to compensate anything for my loss. I was upset and surprised at the total lack of accountability from him. He blamed his clerks for not separating my money from the customers overall sales. The loss– $100.00.

I purposely walked out of the store, knowing a couple copies were still on display.

So earlier this week, I stopped by to see if the handling of the sales had improved. The owner looked down under the counter and said the last book was their forever, finally sold and he didn’t have any money from the sale. No apology- Nothing! 

I walked out of the store disgusted.

It’s a shame this establishment given their history and connection to the community in Lexington, Ohio couldn’t have been accountable. I personally don’t recommend shopping at this establishment because they failed to honor a simple verbal agreement regarding commission sales.

The Good News!

I willcompensate the 10% fund out of my own pocket for the lost or stolen money from those sales. In hindsight, I should have monitored sales closer early on, but given the reputation and connection to the boosters program I really didn’t expect this outcome or their inability to correct the problem.

Brent Stephenson of Wayne’s Country Market did aterrific job of selling my book, positioning my book within the store for optimal sales and keeping excellent track of sales by issuing a check for every dozen books sold. Given the volume of business Wayne’s Country Market provides, Brent and the owners are outstanding people to work with! I highly recommend shopping at their market.

Meanwhile, I am offering a 25% Christmas Special Discount on:

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Send a check or money order for $24.00 (includes shipping) to:

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This book is the perfect gift for the ex-Band of Gold member or simply anyone who wants to be inspired by motivation, perseverance, innovation, goals and success. Most importantly, it’s about the impact- one person can make in other’s lives.


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