KRMA Radio and Outpost Concert Club in Kent, Ohio delivered a metal Christmas party last Saturday headlined by Sunless Sky and DOSE!

Sunless Sky at Outpost Concert Club for KRMA Radio Metal Christmas Party. Photo taken by Mandy Edmondson/



I can’t imagine any better way to kick off the holiday season.  While some people prefer to start this time of year with Bing Crosby ringing out his classic rendition of White Christmas, a mug of hot cocoa while hanging sparkly bulbs and trinkets from a tree, I much prefer to head bang my way into this cheerful season with some of the best bands around to get your feet moving and head bangin’!

For over 44 years, The Outpost Concert Club in Kent has been bringing us live entertainment and introducing us to some of the best bands on local music scene.  Last Saturday was no different as they joined forces with Seth Lipocky, aka “Seth Metal”, a graduate of Kent State University, to present the KRMA Radio Metal Christmas Party.

1 Click Crazy…photo taken by Mandy Edmondson/

Together they welcomed five amazing acts to get crowd rockin’ around the X-Mas tree!  The show opened with 1 Click Crazy, Big Ugly, Wrath Icon, My Lifes Burden and topped off with DOSE and Sunless Sky.

1 Click Crazy nearly didn’t make the show at all due to their little drummer boy (Mike Wilkes) having an unfortunate mishap resulting in his hand being put into a cast.  Luckily for them (and the rest of us!), Chris Bihary stepped up to the plate, putting down his guitar and picking up a set of sticks so they didn’t miss this show.  Without them, we would have been denied the experience of ‘Blood Money’ and ‘Karma.’

Big Ugly…photo taken by Mandy Edmondson.

Saturday was one of the final chances to see Big Ugly live as they are due for a slight hiatus at beginning of the new year!  BU sounded great and no one could tell they just added bassist, Brent Erb, as they didn’t miss a beat. Slashing through the snow with their loud and aggressive style the band worked well at engaging the audience.  Anthony moved into the crowd, showing his love for their fans and honoring them with a little one on one face time before returning to the stage. Playing ‘Redemption’ and ‘Big Ugly Mother F*cker’ as a part of their set list, they had the room shaking! With the crowd arising with such a clatter, Dwayne sprang from his drum kit to wave to us all!

Wrath Icon at KRMA Radio Metal Christmas Party.

Hark!  The guitar angels sing, Glory to a lick so mean!  From the heavy type metal to the black, Wrath Icon took the stage equipped with long hair, high energy and a strong stage presence. Touching on a problem most of us can relate to, Shawn belted out ‘Just a Bit’, a song about having anxiety.  Though Wrath Icon didn’t match the same scream style of the rest of the bands playing that night, they brought their own flavor to the night and taking me to the place that had me falling in love with Metal from the start with iconic groups like Metallica and Pantera.

Brandon Allen led the march as My Life’s Burden took the stage.  Surprised to see the younger following that this group holds, they had the girls screaming out their names and jumping up and down in hopes to get some band recognition.  With Brandon’s clean sounding vocals and the talents of Sean, Tony, Marcos and Anthony, these guys don’t just slay bells, they slay the night!

My Lifes Burden. Photo by Mandy Edmondson.

As if your bells hadn’t been jingled enough, DOSE once again was on top of their reindeer game and didn’t disappoint.  The high adrenaline of Nick’s stage presence feed the other three members thus enabling the band to deliver a bag full of joy as well as entertaining show.  Like Big Ugly, they also have a new bass player and Andrew Pasquino proved to everyone that he was the right fit when finding to mix with the rest of DOSE’s talented musicians.  That lineup included Jeff (Morrow) Rum-pa-pa-pummeling on his massive drum kit in the back and twin brother Jason’s guitar screaming let’s be jolly, decking the halls with rage and folly!

Dose during KRMA Radio Metal Christmas Party. Photo by Mandy Edmondson of The Rust Belt Chronicles.

Like the star on the top of the tree, Sunless Sky was the perfect finishing touch to the evening.  Shining bright through an evening of black and heavy metal, they took the stage and instantly had the crowd’s attention.  They have a modern sound while sticking with the pure basics that classic metal possesses.  With the debut of their new album, Doppelganger, only days before the show, you could feel the excitement and passion radiating from the band.

KRMA Radio did a fantastic job selecting the lineup for this show and the venue.  All in all the night was one for the ages and I’m sorry you if you couldn’t make it out if you weren’t there. I look forward to seeing what the next year holds for all five bands and look forward to attending future events from KRMA Radio.

Here’s wishing you a merry Rift-Mas and a Heavy New Year.





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  1. Merry Rift-mas and Heavy New Year for sure Rust Belt Team! What a great write up. I was so sad that I was ill, but you really brought the show vibe to life for me – THANK YOU <3

    • It was an amazing show! There is only one small issue….there is no Mike, Matt, or Josh in My Life’s Burden. Lol. Not a big deal but its Sean, Tony, Marcos, Brandon, and Anthony. Just something for future articles. Still Great write up! Look forward to reading more.
      -Sean McNulty _ M.L.B. Guitarist

  2. Eric Hatten-guitarist says:

    We were so happy to be apart of this show. Here in the big Ugly camp we just love to be able to play for our fans. And make new fans as we go. It’s also great to get such good feedback from non biased writers. This article was very entertaining to read and very well written.

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