Kobalt Kreek- Local Gigs Wanted!


Larry Thetge (Guitar) and Bryan McLaughlin (Bass) laying down the tune.

The Rust Belt Chronicles would like to welcome Kobalt Kreek to our network of band advertisers. Throughout our journey of covering local bands, it’s been noted that the Mid-Ohio area is loaded with exceptional talent. Having seen Kobalt Kreek perform several times now, I can attest this band is another gem!


Drummer, Darren Watts- the power behind Kobalt Kreek.

Kobalt Kreek is a quartet of musicians who know how to rock. With a solid blend of cover tunes ranging from Classic Rock to modern Hard-Rock music. These gentlemen are well-versed in setting the tone for generating a crowd and keeping the dance floor busy. Their recent gig at a festival in Crestline, Ohio was an example of just how much fun Kobalt Kreek is onstage.


Vocalist, John ‘Kobalt” Smith heartily delivering the lyrics. 

As I witnessed the band perform more than an hour and anticipated the band taking a break, the dance floor became so crowded the band decided to NOT take their break! Perhaps more impressive was that while most crowds dissipate by midnight at venues is the fact that the men of Kobalt Kreek not only kept the fans engaged in their sonic-atmospheric music (with the people having fun), the crowd itself increased; as word spread throughout the community about this talented band!


While Kobalt Kreek has established itself as a band that draws a crowd, the professional musicianship of Kobalt Kreek is what creates the aura around this band. Individually, the band members are articulate and decisive in their musical expressions, authenticating their cover tunes with an (almost eerie) resemblance to the original recordings. Like a fine-tuned piano, Kobalt Kreek ramps through each song, while being versatile with their catalog of tunes to allow the band to delight any age group in any venue!

Guitarist, Larry Thetge is an incredible axe-master. His proficiency is accurately defined onstage and the emotion resonating from his amplifier, engulfs the venue with a enigma of luscious array of color, harmonics and sound of passion, persuasion and power! Bassist, Bryan McLaughlin’s frame towers over his deliberate bass lines oozing with fluid movement, melodic undertones and fluttering notes. His power is his strength as he moves across the stage like a man out to nail a mission to the wall! Drummer, Darren Watts is a powerhouse of a musician! The timing and complete exactness of the music as written, is his forte as he solidly provides the steam for Kobalt Kreek song after song. Vocalist, John Smith has the pipes of an energetic soldier as he strongly covers many ranges and musical styles. His ability to cover AC/DC tunes amazed me as he is one of the best Bon Scott impressions I’ve ever heard!

Overall, if you are a club owner or PR person for any venue, I advise you to consider booking Kobalt Kreek for an entire evening of music. These gentlemen know how to work a crowd into a thirsty urge of party and fun!

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Kobalt Kreek


Members: John Smith – Vocals Larry Thetge – Guitar, Vocals Bryan McLaughlin – Bass, Vocals Darren Watts – Drums, Vocals

Style: Classic Rock to Modern Rock Available

Areas for booking: Akron/Cleveland, Medina, North Central Ohio

Website/Social Media: Facebook

Band Contact: Darren Watts / Cell: 419-571-2632

Upcoming Gigs:

November 12th- Bullshooters Ashland, Ohio

November 19th- The Den

November 23rd- The Den



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