Jonah Koslen Lights-Up The Music Box Supper Club!

Jonah KoslenJonah Koslen

Jonah Koslen is one of Cleveland, Ohio’s most celebrated singer/songwriter/musician. From his days with The Michael Stanley Band, Breathless, Jonah Koslen and The Heroes, Jonah Koslen’s Stage Pass Now, to his solo recordings and gigs at the Lake Erie Islands, Florida Coast, Los Angeles and beyond; the legacy he’s given us is amazing!

“The music from Jonah Koslen is a bevy of instant memorable tunes to which we know the words. But Jonah has given us far more than words! The memories, friendships and music, have inspired us immensely! His ability to take us back to a time of musical fun or present reflections, reaching our souls has been one of Jonah Koslen’s strengths. Simple songs such as “Nothings Gonna’ Change My Mind”, “Takin’ It Back”, “Alibi” and “Strike Up The Band”, are precise in delivering a crisp voice, guitar and harmonious clarity; instantly resonating to the heart! The music of Jonah Koslen is timeless and special. What more could you ask for?” 

– Jim Carver, The Rust Belt Chronicles.


The Music Box Supper Club is the classiest venue in downtown Cleveland! Its charm and appeal impresses the moment you step inside the doors. The safe and clean environment is a landmark for Clevelanders and out of town visitors! Between the downstairs Supper Club and upstairs, Concert Hall; it could be called a “Super Club”. Whether it’s reservation for fine diningCleveland Stories Dinner Parties, Sunday Brunch, wedding reception, a business meeting, or a music attraction; the Music Box Supper Club is the perfect solution.

I must thank manager, Erica Hannah for her professional and well-trained staff. Witnessing the waiters and waitresses serve food and beverages is a lesson in Geography, balance and etiquette. The courtesy extended to patrons throughout the night never stops! The gourmet food is delicious and presented with professional appeal. Its also served nearly to show-time. The bar is maintained by a professional and well-trained staff to meet the crowd size with their robust choice of beverages and quick service as well!

Alan Greene & Tom Oldegard Duo

The Alan Greene & Tom Oldegard Duo is a delightful adventure into the Blues music scene. I’ve got to admit, I’ve never heard these two veteran musicians perform together.  It’s safe to say they will surprise you with their passion, tenacity and musical accompaniments. Greene and Oldegard take you on a journey of musical variety stemming between Southern Rock, New Orleans Blues/Jazz and a bit of Bluegrass in their setlist.

Alan Greene

Alan Greene has long been one of Cleveland’s finest guitarists. In 1997, Scene Magazine Annual Readers Poll voted him, “Best Guitarist in Northeast Ohio”. In 2004, Alan was also named “Best Guitarist, while being nominated in five other years by the Free Times. His musical heritage includes being member of a reincarnated Humble Pie, Breathless, The Innocent and Mr. Blues Stress Band.

In 2010 one of his songs, “Angel Love” was co-written with Marc Avsec and Mason Ruffner. The tune appeared on Carlos Santana’s, ‘Supernational’ Legacy Edition CD. Mr. Greene also has his own broadcast show online on the Cleveland based,  oWOW Radio, called “Blues Time” every Saturday night between 9:00 p.m. and midnight.

Some songs featured Tom Oldegard on vocals with his rich dark voice resonating throughout the Music Box Supper Club. On other tunes, he captured our attention with his Seydel Harmonica as he breathed his passion into every notation! This man can play, sing and added percussion to the background of the music with shakers. The phrasing with the harp was brilliant, but it’s his singing that reaches deep into your soul.

The standing-room-only crowd gave their respect to the two men as the fans listened and cheered intently!

Tom Oldegard

Tom Oldegard is also a member of The Alan Greene Band. The two musicians can be seen at area clubs nearly every weekend in group or duo mode.

Alan Greene literally blew me away with his stunning guitar majestry! Between the swagger of the chords and alternating splashes of soft undertones injected into the passages of the music was very orchestrated!

Alan Greene & Tom Oldegard Photo Gallery.

The most amazing thing about Alan Greene & Tom Oldegard Duo is their ability to sound like a team of several musicians onstage.  I don’t know too many musicians who can comfortably achieve that feat! Alan Greene’s floor pedals layered keyboard and bass accompaniments added depth into the performance of the tunes. Their broad spectrum of sound keeps fans interested throughout the set.

Greene’s nimble fingers and stunning dynamics reminded me of Phil Keaggy of Glass Harp. Alan gave us everything but the kitchen sink. The man can play the guitar amazingly well!

Catch these two great musicians at a venue near you!

Jonah KoslenJonah Koslen

I’ve got to admit, it’s been sometime since I last saw Jonah Koslen in concert. I really wasn’t sure if the performance would be an acoustic show with only a few guests invited onstage or a full band-lineup? Considering a second show had been added earlier that afternoon, (and I missed his appearance last year at the Music Box Supper Club); I figured the opportunity to hear Jonah once again was worth it!

Jonah is a consumate profressional and travelled from his hometown in California. His rehearsal time was likely limited with a band. Once the lights dimmed, the standing-room-only crowd cheered and the line-up was revealed.  Jonah Koslen had members from his Stage Pass Now band surrounding him with Rodney Psyka (ex-The Innocent, currently with Michael Stanley and The Resonators) on percussion.

Bill March (bass, vocals), Donny Thompson (guitar, vocals), Alan Greene (lead guitar), Van Eidom (drums), Rik Williger (keyboards, backing vocals), and Rodney Psyka on percussion, dazzled us all night. Jennifer Lee of Michael Stanley and The Resonators appeared onstage for two songs with her sweet vocals and intrinsic background harmonies!

Bill March also played with Jonah Koslen and The Heroes, Alan Greene and Rodney Psyka were members of Breathless. Donny Thompson, Rik Williger, Alan Greene, Bill March, and Van Eidom also performed in Jonah Koslen’s Stagepass Now band.  So whether these guys rehearsed more than once, isn’t a question due to their musical pedigree!

Jonah Koslen started the night with the Breathless tune, “Walk Right In” as the crowd clapped and sang-along. The spirited tune was a breath of fresh air as it sounded like the original composition! Little did I know, the music would continue to impress like a trip back in-time throughout the show.

Donny Thompson

It really surprised me as the drummer kicked-off “Ends Of The Earth”, from the debut album of Breathless. Donny Thompson did an fantastic job on the vocals. I haven’t heard this song sound so good since the last Breathless show, decades ago! The percussion, guitar, and keyboards were outstanding. The chorus of “Ends Of The Earth” was a harmonic tone of vigor with Jonah assisting on vocals. After the bands brief pause, the chorus outro with Rodney Psyka singing from the upper registrar of his voice was amazing!

Rodney Psyka (left) and Van Eidom (right).

Unbelievable, who knew all these decades later, Rodney could still reach those notes in the same key signature?

It’s been since the breakup of Breathless that I’ve wanted to hear “Alibi” with a full live band presentation. I finally got my wish and it was breathtaking. The song is short and sweet but the message is crystal clear. Truly a reverned composition!

The “Flip Flop Song” was next, I wasn’t familiar with the reggae song.The fans who’ve seen Jonah’s Island shows certianly loved it! I believe even Jimmy Buffet would’ve been jealous of the Jamaican-style song.

The tempo slowed as two of Jonah’s songs from when his years with The Michael Stanley Band were performed. “Ladies’ Choice” (from the ‘Ladies’ Choice’ album, 1976) and “Pierette” (from the ‘Stagepass’ album in 1977) were delivered fresh and crisp to the delight of the fans. It’s been a long time since I heard those two gems from Jonah.

Bill March

“No One Ever Dies From A Broken Heart” was sung by bassist, Bill March. The beautiful chorus was superb. The tune was a deep cut from Jonah’s solo album, ‘Mirrors and Windows‘ released in 2011. The mood was set for the Carol King penned-classic, “Waste A Little Time On Me”, which had the ladies in the audience swooning as they sang-along. It’s safe to assume few suffered from dry-eye at this point, as the affection between Jonah and his fans was noticeable throughout the concert hall!

The most impressive fact of the evening wasn’t Jonah’s incredible band, it was his voice! I swear the tone and strength of his vocals sounded identical to 1974. Whether it’s the California weather or his lifestyle, Jonah nailed every note all evening. I was amazed!

Rik Williger

After a short break, “Next Big Thing” from his new solo album, ‘Partially Light‘ was presented proudly. The edgy, rockin’ tune featured Rik Williger on harmonica as Jonah strummed the strings of an acoustic guitar. “Next Big Thing”, like all of Jonah’s compositions grows on you with his dominant vocals and whim!

Neil Diamond’s first big hit, “Cherry, Cherry” (originally recorded by Diamond in 1966) was next. The tune was often performed by Jonah Koslen and The Heroes during “live” shows. Koslens’ version is a burner!

Jennifer Lee (far left).

Jonah introduced the tune,”Sights On You”, from the Ghost Poets‘ album. This was a side-project of friends: Jonah Koslen, Michael Stanley, Jennifer Lee and Bob Pelander re-uniting for a record in 1993. Jennifer Lee was invited to join the band onstage. Jennifer gave us her beautiful harmonies and background vocals. Jonah delivered the lead vocals in a subtle and heartfelt tone!

Reaching back to his 2016 solo CD release, ‘Nusic; Jonah and company shot through “This Dog”. The rock tune was driven with it’s uptempo flair and sweet chorus. Once again, Williger added the harmonica passages.

Alan Greene (left), Jonah Koslen (right).

“Wild Weekend” (which Jonah wrote in Breathless), fittingly amplified the venue as the uptempo rockin’ song had fans on their feet clapping and singing. Once again, the clarity of the band and Jonah’s crisp vocals reminded me as if Breathless was onstage.

Jonah Koslen

The standing-room-only fans rose to their feet as the familiar guitar chords of “Nothings Gonna’ Change My Mind” rang out. The beautiful song by Jonah was splendidly delivered. His voice sounded like 1977! The choruses were magnificant with the fans singing and the band smiling along.  The vocal crescendo during the brief refrain transitioning to the final choruses was magnificant with the fans singing-along! “Nothings Gonna’ Change My Mind” is one of the most beutiful love songs ever written. In my opinion, this song should’ve been a Top #10 hit and still could be today!

At this point ther was only one thing left to do, as the drummer began his swave groove and Mr. Koslen counted off, “Strike Up The Band“! Fans let out thunderous cheers and remained standing. The jovial romp through the tune was probably heard clear to Terminal Tower.

The encore was a rockin’ version of the Breathless tune, ‘Takin’ It Back’! Once again, the guitar work by Donny Thompson and guitar solos by Alan Greene were fabulous! The percussion work by Rodney Psyka were the original accents and punctuations from decades ago. Rik Williger made me think Marc Avsec was onstage with very impressive keyboard accompianments. Drummer, Van Eidom kept the groove tight with his progressive drum fills and Bill March was stunningly accurate on the bass.

Jonah Koslen Photo Gallery.

When you consider both scheduled bands also performed at 3:00 p.m. (earlier that same day), the more amazing this evening’s performance was to witness!

Then there’s Jonah Koslen who continues to defy time like a fine wine. His vocals are a musical wonder. He’s always had the gift of bringing people together through his music and is a natural in front of a crowd. But then, what else would you expect from this superb singer/songwriter/musician? Thank you for “taking us back” to the past and bringing us to the present!


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