Interview: When The Smoke Clears, Mark King of Hinder talks about Intoxicated!

Hinder. Mark King (Far Left).

Hinder. Mark King (Far Left).

Guitarist, Mark King of Hinder took time out of his busy schedule while on tour to shoot us his thoughts in an email interview.  Hinder has been producing alternative rock hits for over a decade.  They have influenced a generation with their punchy lyrics and original sound.  I encourage our true rock readers to dive into this interview and get to know Hinder a bit better through the thoughts of Mark King.  King has been producing the rhythm guitar sound and backup vocals since 2003 and has a degree in music.

RBC: That was a big move for Hinder bringing in new blood with the lead singer on the new record.  What is the best part of Marshal Dutton writing and singing lead for you guys now?

Mark King: Besides being an amazing musician, Marshal is one of the most positive people I have ever met. He is great to be around. He makes people feel good and that translates on stage.

RBC: We heard that Marshal has co-wrote & produced Hinder hits for years. Which songs did he co-write?

Mark King: He started working with us for the All American Nightmare album. He has co-written several songs including the title track to that album, Save Me and several others. He co-wrote every song off the new record, When The Smoke Clears (End Records) and has co-produced our last 3 records.

RBC: Personally I find it refreshing. How have the fans reacted to this big change?

Mark King: Marshal has made it his mission to win over the fans. From everything I’ve seen, he’s doing it. Obviously there are going to be haters, but for the most part everything has been positive.

RBC: What was the most enjoyable song you guys worked on for the last record?

And why/story behind it?

Mark King: For me, it was “Wasted Life“. It’s just a catchy song that is fun to play. It’s basically about people telling you that you’re wasting your life and you giving them the middle finger. We did big gang vocals on the chorus. My wife, Beth, got to sing on it too. I thought that was pretty cool.

RBC: What & why is your favorite song from the older albums?

Mark King: My favorite song is probably “Lips of an Angel” because it paid for my house. Just kidding….. Sort of. The song that is popping in my head is “Far From Home”. It was never a single. We’ve never even played it live, but it is the last song on Take it to the Limit. It describes what life on the road was and is like for us. I also love the way it ends with the strings and drums. I may be biased, but I think it’s the best track 10 on any album.

RBC: What 3 songs would you like to add if your set list allowed for more time?

Mark King: “Take It to the Limit”, “Room 21”,  “Loaded and Alone”

RBC: When you sing “Homecoming Queens” how many potential candidates do you usually see in the crowd?

Mark King: On a good night, the crowd is full of Homecoming Queens!

RBC: What do you think is the status of today’s rock?

Mark King: I could go off on this, but I’ll keep it simple. Fans are still out there. People want rock. Rock on the Range has over 40,000 people a day for their 3 day festival!  Rockfest in Kansas City draws 50,000. Rock isn’t all over Top 40 radio right now, but it will be back. Trust me. Rock isn’t going anywhere.

RBC: Any cool pranks on the tour?

Mark King: We usually do pranks on the last day of tour. We’ve done some good ones and had some good pranks pulled on us. Nickelback had some male strippers come out on stage for us during “Room 21”. Staind had 6 foot inflatable dildos come down from the rafters during our set. We’ve pissed in tequila bottles and resealed them and given them as gifts to bands, shot the band with air soft guns and thrown food at the band. If you have any good ideas, let us know. We’ve pretty much done everything.

RBC: There’s one song where Joe ‘Blower’ Garvey had TWO guitars strapped to him. What’s the reason for this.

Mark King: He does this on “Lips”, “Whatcha Gonna Do” and “Better Than Me”. The guitar on the stand is for the acoustic and he has his electric strapped on.

RBC: You guys have been running the tour gauntlet lately.  Who’s been skipping showers?

Mark King: Mike doesn’t skip them. He just doesn’t take them.

RBC: What’s the first thing you guys are going to do when you’re done with the tour and back home?

Mark King: I’m going to chill with my wife and dog. It’ll be fantastic!

RBC: Where exactly is home now for each member of the band?

Mark King: We’re all in OKC now except for Mike. He moved to Atlanta in January. I think he’s been home for maybe a total of 30 days.

RBC: What have you guys done on the very few days off that you’ve had so far?

Mark King: Yesterday (in Cleveland) we went to the Indian’s game in the afternoon. Then we went to the Everclear/Fuel/Toadies concert that night. It was one of the better days off. Usually we go to a mall and eat at Buffalo Wild Wings.

RBC: Do you have the next single picked yet? Name & date?

Mark King: It’s all up in the air right now. We’re working the single “Intoxicated” and hoping it will keep climbing.

RBC: Is there anything else that you want to share with your fans?

Mark King: I just want to thank our fans for sticking with us. Keep coming out and we’ll do everything in our power to put on a good rock show!

The Rust Belt Chronicles would like to thank Mark King of Hinder and their management for taking the time to schedule the interview. If you get the opportunity to see Hinder on tour, we guarantee Hinder will rock you!

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