Ink In The Clink 2018: Break Out “Beyond The Fence” For Annual Summer Tattoo and Music Festival


Ink In The Clink 2018 – “Beyond The Fence”

Ink In The Clink is proud to announce our 2018 show dates. We are also pleased to announce due to demand this years event will be held at the Richland County Fairgrounds in Mansfield, Ohio on July 13-14-15th.

This venue allows us to bring a larger show featuring 4 stages of live entertainment, over 150 tattoo artists, more than 75 vendors, sideshows, and many surprises to come.

As a special give back to our forever faithful fans please enjoy this first ever Early bird special:

Early bird weekend passes on sale now!!! $99

To Purchase Tickets – Click HERE – while they last.














Thank you for your continued support, please continue to follow our page and website for updates and more to come!

Don’t Miss Ink In The Clink 2018 “Beyond The Fence”!

*Music Line-up will be announced once bands are confirmed in the Spring of 2018.

** All bands interested in playing should submit to


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  1. Is tere no more clink ?

    • I am assuming you mean “Ink In The Clink? The owners of that show have moved the 2018 show to the Richland County Fairgrounds. Please read the article.

      • Steve Ramsey says:

        You need to talk to the fairgrounds. Thjis show is not happening.

        • Please go go Medina County Clerk of Courts and look up case number 17CiV1048. If Rustbelt ever thinks they will see a dime for promoting this event, the line is getting VERY long.

          • Elizabeth,
            We are aware of the ongoing contractual litigation involving the Richland County Fairgrounds. My decision to pull this article from our Facebook page and remove all links within the article on our website in order to prevent those from purchasing tickets under the present circumstances. We appreciate the information. Trust me, while we want to believe the best from people, we know all to well about being in the line.
            Thank you!
            Jim Carver
            CEO-Founder The Rust Belt Chronicles/Paradiddle Publishing

        • Steve Ramsey,
          Thank you, we were well aware of the legal proceedings as of Tuesday and were asked to not comment until all parties were properly notified. We have since removed all links to this article to protect the public from purchasing tickets until the issues are cleared.
          Thank you!
          Jim Carver
          CEO-Founder The Rust Belt Chronicles/Paradiddle Publishing

  2. Why is this even still up on google? Its a scam amd should be taken down

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s coming down trust me on that, they have been promised money to and never been paid

    • We removed all the links in the article yesterday to stop readers from purchasing tickets. We waited until the announcement was official as asked, before removing the article. Now, we have removed the article from publication.Thank you!

  3. elizabeth says:

    side note….. where does the name “rust belt” come from?

  4. Out In Da Feld says:

    They owe everybody! They owe thousands in back wages to their staff that ran the Whiskey Warehouse, they owe many businesses involved in the production from billboard advertisers, the porta pot rental company, the stage and sound company. Lower tier bands on the lineup did not get paid as well as bands that had been performing at the bar many of which only got a portion of their agreed upon pay for performance. What fools! These are the most legitimately succesful crooks I’ve ever heard of. Why the need to steal and screw people over when youre that successful??? They’ve been on the run for the past couple months dodging all the people they owe moving frequently and now theyre on the run with their children in tow! I dont see how OSR can steal their idea though. 2 wrongs dont make a right and OSR is full of shit when they claim they were working to have one in 06. They stold his idea and he’s likely going to sue OSR for infringement of intellectual property which with a good lawyer can easily be proven. Some out of state company is now coming into our city to take our money and not reinvest any of it back into the town like the Fields attempted. Its too bad they did what they did because it was a good thing economically for our city. Hiring volunteers to run a festival does nothing for our city and provides no opportunity for locals who can desperstely use the money. Please dont support or volunteer to work this event which lines the pockets of the already rich. Dont fall for OSR’s lame attempt to rationalize their thievery. OSR I was and as far as I know funded by our state, tours, Shawshank history, and other events. Shame on them for stealing intellectual property they are just as big of criminals as the Fields.

  5. 4our1ne9ine says:

    Their website is officially down! Thats an action of guilt and a certainty the event is not happening. He wont be able to secure a site in the anywhere in this state after this. Good luck getting your money back to everybody who paid for 2018. Join the class action lawsuit that will likely occur.

  6. how did this happen says:

    If you check into the past history of Rick Fields you will find out he isn’t as legit as everyone thought he was. Has a criminal background and I cant believe he was able to get over on so many people. He was locked up for a lot of shady shit in the past and looks like he got by with it again. Its to bad he did this to your community and that a lot of people got swindled. The man served time in prison for Christ sake doesn’t anyone check peoples back grounds. I was at the festival for the last 2 years it was amazing. To bad He couldn’t keep his shit together.

  7. So does this mean there is no show this year at all, ive been going the past two years and it is a lot of fun , I really wont there to be a show this year, so whats the real word about it all.

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