Indians Season Ends With Heartbreak & Hope For 2017

2016 World Series Game 1

2016 World Series Game 1

A World Series for the ages. The first game seven ever held in Cleveland. A chance for history to be made. I wish I could be sitting here writing about a World Series title. I wish I can say that the Indians added another year to the misery for Cubs fans. I wish I can tell you that Corey Kluber, or Francisco Lindor, were named World Series MVP. But I can’t. The Cubs won the title 8-7 in 10-innings. The Cubs snapped a 108-year title drought, and pushed Cleveland’s to 69 years. And Ben Zobrist was named MVP. So how do we feel? Some are angry. Some are upset. Some just don’t know what to feel, and that’s where I fall right now. Last night, we didn’t just experience the greatest Game 7 in baseball history, but possibly the greatest Game 7 of all-time.

Down 6-4 in the 8th, Rajai Davis was at the plate with Chicago closer Aroldis Chapman on the hill. Rajai hung in there, fouling pitches off until the impossible happened. With the count 2-2, Chapman threw a slider down and in to Davis. The pitch looked beautiful; a sure strikeout. Rajai went down and golfed it over the left field wall to tie the game. Brandon Guyer set that Davis at-bat up with a two-out RBI double, but Rajai was the man of the hour. That feeling, that high that we had when the ball slammed off the Fox Sports camera was unbelievable. Men cried and hugged. Beer was flying all over the place. The deafening roar in the room was louder than anything I have ever heard, and I was downtown when the Cavs won the NBA title. It was our time. David was about to beat Goliath. All of the momentum was in our corner….

Then the rains came and a 17-minute rain delay allowed the Cubs to reset and ultimately score two in the top of the 10th inning for an 8-6 lead. Despite Rajai delivering an RBI double in the bottom half of the inning, Michael Martinez hit a dribbler to third, and the rest is history.

Wrigley Field East/Joe Buck/Marlins Man

One thing that really did bother me was the amount of Cubs fans that were there. A majority were behind home plate. Before you ask, season ticket holders get an opportunity to buy an additional eight seats for the playoffs. Those seats behind the plate belonged to our season ticket holders. The Indians built them a freaking bar. Their OWN bar. There were probably more Cubs fans than Indians fans, and that’s a problem that needs addressed. The Dolans and the organization need to revise and revamp their ticket policy. There are people like me that would have given up everything to be there. Plenty of Indians fans wanted to go, but couldn’t because other “fans” wanted to make some money. They sold their soul, their rights as season ticket holders, and as far as I’m concerned, their rights be called Indians fans to the highest bidder. You gave them home-field advantage!!!! You should be ashamed and never allowed to step foot into that stadium, or on the grounds again.

Joe Buck should be ashamed of himself. A completely biased broadcast the entire series. Poor John Smolz was an innocent bystander in all of this. From talking about Kyle Schwarber every ten seconds, to making a routine fly out or double play sound like it was the play of the game, his lack of professionalism was sickening.

And screw what that loser Marlins Man says too. I saw Indians fans congratulating Cubs fans. I personally congratulated a couple too. We have the best fans in the world, and this loser has no reason to trash an entire city and fan base based off of a couple people that hurt his feelings. Grow up. No one cares if you aren’t throwing your money around for a seat in OUR stadium (although these turncoat season ticket holders would have loved it). Don’t call us trash. And you sure as hell aren’t welcomed here.


No Reason to be Ashamed

Aside from being upset about being outnumbered last night, there is so much to look forward to. This team overcame the odds. If I told you in February that we would go toe-to-toe with the best team in baseball for a title, and we’d take them down to the wire, there’s a great chance I would have been laughed at. Think about it. A team with a $95 million payroll nearly upset America’s darling, who had a $160 million payroll. We just ran out of gas, plain and simple. Corey Kluber barely had enough left in the tank and it showed. Andrew Miller gave up two runs, which made him look partially human last night. Tito was spectacular this year managing injuries. Imagine what he can do with a healthy team. Jason Kipnis emerged as a leader on this team and helped keep these guys loose the entire year. Mike Napoli didn’t perform as well as we’d like in the postseason, but he provided us with what we needed April through November. He was the right-handed power bat we have needed for years.

Francisco Lindor is an absolute star. That kid is going to be a multiple time all-star and gold glove winner. Jose Ramirez exceeded expectations when he filled in for Michael Brantley and solidified himself as an everyday third baseman. Roberto Perez did a hell of a job filling in for Yan Gomes when he went down, even though he almost took a backseat to Jonathan Lucroy. Danny Salazar and Carlos Carrasco are going to be full go come Spring Training. Trevor Bauer developed into a solid starter, as did Josh Tomlin.  This team is for the most part locked and loaded for the next couple years, and if they can retain Carlos Santana, re-sign Napoli and Rajai, and maybe upgrade a little bit in the outfield, these guys will be right back in the World Series next year.

I have nothing but love for this team. A Cavs championship was great, and that feeling was awesome. However, I was and always will be a baseball first guy. An Indians championship would have meant so much more to me than anything. I want everyone to hold their heads high. Our guys left everything on the field. Not bad for a team missing their best hitter, half of the rotation and who were supposed to be wiped out by Boston and then Toronto. I don’t know about you, but damnit, I’m ready for Spring Training. This run was so much fun and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it like I promised I would. I am so damn proud of everything they’ve accomplished this year. Last night was the greatest night of my life and I’ll remember it forever. I had the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows, but the lack of sleep the past month was totally worth it.

Let’s do it again next year kids!

Rally Together.

Roll Tribe.

Thank You Indians.


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