Independence Tattoo Expo Re-Cap!

Our graphic designer and photographer, Kelly L. Francis, attended the Independence Tatto Expo in Independence, Ohio. Kelly not only photographed the show, she also assisted us by writing her first article re-capping the weekend events. We appreciate your artistic endeavors- Kelly!

– Jim Carver

Tattoo Artist: Nathan Varney


Tattoo Artist :Nathan Varney.

 Photo credit: Kelly Francis.

Nathan Varney currently works for Stained Skin in Columbus Ohio. He still remembers the date he gave his first tattoo, February 23rd of 2010. Nathan loves art and loves to draw. Tattooing has allowed him to do the things he loves in life. Nathan began tattooing as the industry started to peak. 


Nathan Varney, Amanda Henderson and the owner of Melt Bar and Grilled.

Photo credit: Kelly Francis.

He has seen better quality tattoos and a lot of different styles emerge during his time of tattooing.Nathan took home the trophy for “Best Grilled Cheese Tattoo” sponsored by Melt Bar and Grilled

Nathan Varney's award winning tattoo.

Nathan Varney’s award winning tattoo.

Body Suspension Artist: Sydney Pflaumer

Sydney Pflaumer performing Body Suspension.

Photo credit: Kelly Francis.

Sydney Pflaumer has been fascinated with body modification since she was 13. She finds suspending beautiful. Sydney’s first suspension was in 2013.Since then, Sydney’s  been suspended 16 times. Even though others find it the most painful, Sydney’s favorite way to be suspended is from the knees. She say’s the hooks feel like any other piercing and when the skin stretches it’s a hard feeling to describe….just a weird feeling. Being suspended in air is similar to flying.

Sydney works with the 313 Suspension Team.


Photo credit: Kelly Francis.

The event was hosted by Reformed In Ink and New Ink Tattoos. There were trophies awarded every night. Artists traveled from far away as Michigan, Georgia and California. Sonya Grennell won the “Tattoo of The Day” contest on Friday,, Jessica Haney won on Saturday, and Christopher Bettley took the honors on Sunday. Jessica Haney prevailed as the winner of the “Best Tattoo of the Convention.”





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