Hessler Street Fair Coming Up Next Weekend

Cleveland, Ohio is home to many wonderful festivals and events that take place in and around the city once the summer season arrives. Whatever your particular tastes are when it comes to attending a festival, you’ll more than likely find a festival or event in Cleveland that will appeal to you.
As festivals may come and go with new ones being created all the time, it’s nice to find some of Cleveland’s most popular events have been around for many, many years. One such festival that has existed for decades now is the Hessler Street Fair.

Having its beginnings date back to the same time period as Woodstock, the Hessler Road Street Fair began as nothing more than just your average block party. But once the residents on the street found themselves facing the possibility of being forced off the street due to progress, the event took on a much more important meaning than just a block party. Each event that is held raises money to help Hessler Road continue to exist without worry about being overtaken.

With the first real Hessler Street Fair taking place in 1969, the event is closing in on celebrating its 50th anniversary. And while the initial problems faced by the street fair committee have been resolved in one way or another, new ones pop up from time to time when it comes to trying to get the fair off the ground for each event. For this particular fair, the problem came down to parking. Or more specifically, the lack of parking options around the areas that surround Hessler Road.

Because several different events like the graduation for Case Western Reserve University all take place around the same basic vicinity, those event goers must use the same parking lots as the Hessler Street Fair goers. And with shrinking amounts of lots available for use, it was decided that the fair needed to be on a weekend when less events took place in the area. This is the main reason for moving the festival two weeks later than what had been normal. So instead of being on the weekend before Memorial Day, the event will now take place on June 3rd and 4th, 2017, the weekend AFTER Memorial Day.

While the change in festival dates was necessary in order to ensure the future of the event, no other major changes have been enacted. This year’s Hessler Street Fair will be the same as every other festival that have taken place. At least, for the last decade or so.

At the heart of every Hessler Street Fair are the main ideas of Music, Art and Food. Without these staples, the Hessler Street Fair just wouldn’t be the same. Plus, each event has been a welcoming place for Community Non-Profits to set up tables so that they have the chance to get the word out about their organizations and what they stand for. Together, these various aspects of the festival come together and make the Hessler Street Fair what it is.

While every aspect of the fair is important, one of the main reasons people attend the Hessler Street Fair is because of the music. And this year seems to be one of the strongest musical lineups in a long time with a lot more variety existing in the acts chosen to be part of the 2-day event.

Adding to the variety of this year’s event, acts like Sultans of Bing and the Schwartz Brothers are favorites within the Cleveland music industry that will have people attending just to see then perform. Plus, bands like Cats on Holidays, Joe Bell & the Swing Lizards and Revolution Brass Band are all making return visits to the musical lineup for this year’s event. Even Cleveland’s Brent Kirby will be part of the festival as he will play not once, but twice on Sunday, June 4th. He will perform once as part of Brent Kirby and His Luck and then later as part of the Jack Fords.

And as usual, Jim Miller and Carlos Jones will return to close out the two days of the event. Like always, the JiMiller Band closes out Saturday Night and Carlos Jones and the P.L.U.S. Band will close out the second day of music on Sunday Night as well as the festival itself.

While this year’s Hessler Street Fair has been moved to a new weekend, the event promises the same fun and excitement to be had and memories to be made. And with the 50th Anniversary of the Hessler Street Fair only two years away, come on out and Saturday, June 3rd and Sunday, June 4th and help ensure the Hessler Street Fair will be around for years to come.

For more information on the Hessler Street Fair, including directions to the fair itself, visit http://hesslerstreetfair.org/.


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