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Image used courtesy of: familymwr.I am delighted to be able to have my friend, Mary Martin, as a guest writer today. Mary has written regular blogs for The Mansfield News Journal, Montgomery Advertiser,The Cleveland Plain Dealer newspapers online at and

For awhile, I simply knew her as “hug momma” which was taken from her website, Hug Momma- a Collection of Stories. As our professional relationship grew, I discovered she has a passion to make a difference. Mary is a prolificstory writer, strong in her faith, passionate about politics, and a devoted Wife and Mother. Mary has inspired me with her stories, support and friendship.

Mary Martin is an artist. She is currently working on her first book and creating a new website focusing on politics and news. Mary is likely my most loyal follower, judging by her comments and number of visits. She is also the only person brave enough to hit the “follow button” on my website. I am honored to call Mary a friend.

Please give a special warm welcome to Mary Martin and feel free to commentand follow Mary on her websiteand her journey to success!

Jim Carver

Finding your Purpose

I can’t tell you how many books I have purchased, or motivational tapes I have watched, or sermons I have sat through in the quest to answer the craving question, “What is My Purpose.” I can begin by naming the ones off the top of my head by talented well known speakers, followed by the ones I checked out from the library, the ones I did workbooks for, I can spot those sporadically stashed on the book shelf, and finally, I can check my audio book collection and find a few there, as well. I, my friends, am a well studied purpose seeker.

I’ve held at least three professional licenses, had several full of adrenalin bursts into promising careers each fizzling into unfulfilling monotony. I was like a little girl who had slid down the big slide with hands waving in excitement only to land hard at the bottom with a mouth full of sand. Full of disappointment, I’d ask myself what happened, and why didn’t I see this wipeout coming. I questioned if there was some flaw in me that was keeping me from achieving what most healthy people do. Was I a quitter, or perhaps just not the person I credit myself to be? In utter defeat, I would ask God, “Why?” and reason with Him that if I knew my purpose I could better serve Him.  

Over and over people would ask me, “Well, what do you like to do?” and “What do you feel the most fulfilled doing?” I would draw a blank. The pace of raising my family offered little indulgent time, and with my past ventures not panning out, I had no confidence to take further risks. Others would encourage me to, “Keep going, you will find it eventually.” Those words were difficult to swallow, because to me it meant, “Continue to fail.”

Often, the simplest answers are the right ones. For me, this has proven true to the “what is my purpose” question. TRUST GOD. Every failure, every success, every book I read, person I met, every topic I studied has not been wasted. Every experience was forming a foundation of purpose. Like neatly stacked bricks and mortar, every day was part of building who God has created me to be. I couldn’t see it at the time, but with surrender and a determination to trust God and serve Him today, with whatever I have today, has freed me from the burden of needing to achieve greatness.

You have given me today, Lord, what would You like to do? Perhaps write a blog.

IN His service – Mary Martin




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