Green Day Light-up Blossom Music Center!

Green Day Fans.

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It was definitely a Green Day for all those involved at the sold-out Blossom Music Center. The Live Nation concert was one of the two-biggest shows of the year at the beautiful venue. The Live Nation vendors were swamped with customers purchasing food and drinks.  The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees were listed as one of the top-10 tour acts of the summer!

As I headed towards my seat, anticipation from the crowd was felt in the air. The stage chairs in the lower sections of Blossom were removed, allowing those lucky enough to get a birds-eye view. This would be my first time seeing Green Day, so I was stoked.

Catfish and the Bottlemen

All photos: © 2017 Shannon Hamilton /

Opening the show was Catfish and the Bottlemen. The young British band from Wales was interesting with their vivacious performance. From a bright Alternative-Rock to incorporating a slight 1970’s, Heavy Hard Rock blend within some songs, these guys were an exciting musical adventure. The energy of this band is infectious!

Catfish and the Bottlemen Photo Gallery.

All photos: © 2017 Shannon Hamilton /

The vocalist was quite an effective front-man throughout the short set of vibrant tunes. The younger fans were absorbed with the bands music(as I was). Their ability to perform so polished, with a set list of catchy tunes; was refreshing. The creativity, spunk and professionalism of Catfish and the Bottlemen was distinct, a strong indicator this band is on the right path!

-Jim Carver, The Rust Belt

Green Day

All photos: © 2017 Shannon Hamilton /

The night got interesting as the lights dimmed and Queen’s, “Bohemian Rhapsody” began. The fans sang along as Green Day prepared to hit the stage.  The band drove into “Blitzkrieg Bop” and the concert attendees were in seventh heaven! The excitement of the punk attitude and rebellious lyrics began to overtake Blossom.

As Green Day continued their onslaught of mischievous tunes such as “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, “Know Your Enemy”, “Bang, Bang” the intros contained various rants about the political spectrum within the USA.

At one point, vocalist, Billie Joe Armstrong laid on stage as he delivered a nasty rant lambasting President Trump (showing his punk rock attitude) as the fans cheered on!

The band performed “Revolution Radio” off their latest same titled album, ‘Revolution Radio’. The raucious tune was invigorating. Green Day’s relentless presentation of their projection into the messages of the masses was being delivered loud and proud! The onslaught continued with “Holiday” and “Letterbomb”.

The members of this band are so fluent, passionately delivering a variety of sound that it’s quite clever! Saxophonist, Josh Freeze added some nice bits and pieces of sax-work from some epic tunes of years gone by and the fans definitely loved it! The drummer, Tré Cool was so fluid as he briskly kept the band on-tempo, like a freight train.

Green Day drummer: Tré Cool

All photos: © 2017 Shannon Hamilton /

The lights and visual effects were fantastic throughout the show. At times, flames shot above the band and I felt the heat from my seat. The bright white light was stunning as well. The elaborate staging lit Blossom Music Center deep into the night.

Green Day Photo Gallery.

All photos: © 2017 Shannon Hamilton /

As Green Day closed out the night with “Youngblood”, from the latest album, ‘Revolution Radio’ and fan favorite, “2000 Light Years Away”. The crowd were spent as was the band. It’s apparent that Green Day has stood the test of time, expressing themselves musically and politically from their minds reason and ensuing chaos.

Judging from I witnessed at Blossom Music Center, Green Day is just as relevant as in the past. They gave us a great show with passion, fever and a shot heard across mainstream media denouncing President Trump.

I’d say their roots have never wavered.  You can’t get anymore Punk that that!

***I want to thank Shannon “Hammy” Hamilton for working his photography magic on short notice!






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