Greater Cleveland Native Charity Lockhart Releases New Christmas EP in Time for the Holiday Season

Arizona-based Charity Lockhart may finally have found her place in the music industry out west, but it was in the small Cleveland, Ohio suburb of Garfield Heights where she first found her voice. While attending high school in that city and attending church in the community, Lockhart’s musical aspirations were being formed. While in her youth, Charity Lockhart won many different accolades which included being awarded the title of Miss Wright State University and runner-up to Miss Ohio. She also found herself travelling to Europe where she performed for audiences in Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

But it wasn’t until Charity Lockhart made the life-changing move from the Ohio area to her new home out west that her dreams were truly realized. Literally singing in order to live led to a more stable situation that now includes singing in front of large audiences while including Inspirational, Rock, Jazz and Soul music in her repertoire. She also includes artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Chaka Khan in the music she performs. Lockhart has also performed music from one of the best-known female singers in our lifetimes as part of “Christmas in November: The Whitney Houston Tribute”.

Charity Lockhart has already released one album of music. The 2013 CD Stand Up is a release that makes good use of Lockhart’s various influences, both Spiritual and otherwise as the tracks included on the release deal with Christian and Gospel themes. And in 2015, she added to her library of recorded music by releasing the single “Love Will Save the Day,” the song made famous by Whitney Houston.

Still being largely influenced by the Christian side of her life, Charity Lockhart has just released a new album that is perfect for the Christmas season. The new Christmas album from Charity Lockhart is entitled Under the Mistletoe.

The Under the Mistletoe release from Charity Lockhart features six tracks of original tunes for the holiday season. Each of the tracks creates a track that brings to mind the same musical mindset that can be found on many of the tracks for the Christmas season that many consider to be classics. Taking that same mindset for the six originals, Charity Lockhart has created an EP of original material that will one day feel just as warm and welcoming as the classics of old. With the soft, soulful voice of Charity Lockhart and the inclusion of instruments such as piano, bass, drums, flute and other instrumentation, the album has a timeless feel to the six tracks that make up the release. Think a mix between The Vince Guaraldi Trio and a standards singer such as Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Rod Stewart…any of the various singers who have taken some of the standard tunes and created albums around new arrangements of the songs.

Under the Mistletoe from Charity Lockhart begins with the track “It’s Christmas Time”. The combination of Lockhart’s soulful vocal delivery and the timeless feel of the music on the track create a song that is reminiscent of a track such as “Sleigh Bells”. The combination of the bass, piano, drums and flute with Lockhart’s soulful soprano vocals and the rather easy pace to the music combine to create a track that feels instantly warm and familiar. “It’s Christmas Time” is original enough to be fresh and exciting and also familiar enough that it would easily feel right at home on any 24-hour Christmas music format.

Charity Lockhart’s new Christmas-themed EP continues with the title track of “Under the Mistletoe”. The music changes slightly with a different assemblage of instruments on the track. The inclusion of the vibes, guitar and trumpet along with the bass and drums create a song with more of a “smooth jazz” feel to the music. That smoother musical delivery makes the song flow rather nicely through the track’s quick two-minute playtime. And just like “It’s Christmas Time” before it, “Under the Mistletoe” ultimately feels like a “Classic” waiting to happen.

The three-part harmony created by the a’ Capella voices at the beginning of the track “Jingling Christmas” creates a great holiday musical moment that brings to mind a much earlier time in recorded music. In fact, the aforementioned vocals and the rest of the instrumentation revolving around the piano that makes up “Jingling Christmas” create a song that would have felt right at home in the late fifties/early sixties with other songs from the likes of artists such as Nat “King” Cole, Bing Crosby and other artists at the time. The track contains a rather light, whimsical moment that would be welcome during the holiday season.

For the track “Jolly Holiday,” Charity Lockhart and the rest of the musicians who help with the track create a song that features yet another form of jazz music to help bring out the holiday spirit in the lyrics of the track. This time, the song revolves around the lounge style of jazz that included groups such as Manhattan Transfer and the trio of Lambert, Hendricks and Ross. The vocal jazz feel of the lyrics on “Jolly Holiday” sets the song apart from the rest of the tracks on the six-song release. It also gives the listener something just a little different from the usual Christmas music you’d find on a holiday music release.

Charity Lockhart’s new Christmas CD entitled Under the Mistletoe comes to an end with the track “The Reason is Love”. Since this is a Christmas release, it makes perfect sense to include at least one track in the EP that actually ventures into the more religious side of the holiday. “The Reason is Love” is a track with a rather relaxed pace to the jazz music that features lyrics about the true meaning of the day on which we celebrate the birth of Christ. A take on the seasonal adage “The Reason for the Season,” this song helps to remind the listener just what we are celebrating.

Under the Mistletoe from Charity Lockhart is a short but sweet six-song holiday EP. While the entire release fits easily inside of fifteen minutes, the six tracks are each strong enough to demand repeated listenings. The tracks included in the release are all worthy of becoming holiday classics as each track has a timeless quality to it. And while the tracks are very important to the release, it is Charity Lockhart that is the focus of the EP as it is her talents as a singer that bring the tracks to life.

For just a taste of the talent from Charity Lockhart, check out the title track from her Under the Mistletoe release.

Find Charity Lockhart’s music profile on Facebook. Find her music on Spotify and iTunes. And with two weeks before Christmas, there’s plenty of time to get a copy of Under the Mistletoe for your holiday music listening.

To check out the Under the Mistletoe release from Charity Lockhart, click on the album cover below:


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