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Image used courtesy of: mkhmarketing.The other day I tweeted to author and former CEO of Thomas Crown Publishing, Michael Hyatt, to ask if the new Get Noticed! Theme would possibly include a tool to push a blog out to various social media sources.

When publishing a blog 15-20 minutes is spent sending the article to 10 other social media and newspaper outlets. I include a short personalized text message and publish the link to the blog. I’ve looked into various WordPress plugins that offer a service to post to different social media and found the settings for those services require information which I either don’t know where to find or offer no explanation on where to find the information. So, naturally I was hoping Michael’s upcoming theme might offer a built-in solution.

Mr. Hyatt kindly responded: “I don’t recommend that strategy.”

I followed-up the tweet asking Michael if the reason for not recommending the strategy could be found in his book. I never received a response. Realizing, Mr. Hyatt is a very busy man and receives countless questions each day, I decided to search for the answers through his book and posts.

My research found some interesting articles.

It appears Michael has a 20:1 rule. Simply stated, it would imply to “give to make 20 relational deposits,for every marketing withdrawal.” I try to follow this act particularly with Facebook friends who read my blog or for those that comment on my blog. It’s tougher to attempt through other social media outlets particularly if you don’t know who your visitors were.

Facebook and StumbleUpon do provide me with a good amount of readers. It also appears he recommends working with using social media to build a platform of followers.

The problem is how many people actually read the blog? It’s much easier for someone to just hit the “like button” on Facebook. Google Analytics provides enough information to view the data of clickthroughs, and demographics with social media. But honestly, who has the time to track, breakdown and compare the numbers? I don’t, beside it will drive you crazy.

Michaels point is its far better to achieve subscribers who actually visit your blog and are committed to subscribing to your content. Without a doubt this is the best case scenario. He also correctly states your website is your “home”and is the only place you have control.

My only argument is feeding my blog manually gives me more possible exposure since I am not a well-known blogger. So for the present time, I will continue the experiment to send the blog to various media sources and attempt to follow those who follow me and hopefully build a larger following.

Once I migrate over to WordPress and install a subscription service, I will see if I receive better exposure through traffic and re-evaluate my need to use social media in getting noticed. It will also give me the opportunity to request subscriptions and weed-out the media sources that disappoint.

Thanks Michael!


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