Follow the Money!

Image used courtesy of: AMagill.There’s only one thing worse than being laid-off after 30 years. It’s to work somewhere for 30 years and witness its deterioration. Some call the environment “cold” or “unfriendly.” I call it dying.

Its lack of luster and non-existent warmth begs for change. It breathes a gasp of relief only for a short interval before the next cycle of fear develops. Void of any personality and projecting only numbers to allocate for the next project, it continues to amass buildings, offices and staffing. The fact that it cannot sustain or afford its own growth doesn’t stop the machine.

I can recall a better time. It was a period of time when the system was small and simple. When the property was kept clean and painted. Now the time, money and staffing isn’t able to meet the basic requirements of yesteryear.

Expansion has produced less staffing, money and time to take care of what exists. Too little, too late to make-up for what should have been 20 years ago. So they continue to march towards the exhaustion of accountability of their resources. Common sense left the building a long time ago.

There appears to be a crisis between purpose and outcome. One bad decision followed by another bad decision.

Where’s the accountability? Why is it- no one is held responsible?

It’s easy- follow the money.


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