FLAW, Righteous Vendetta, B4i, and Them Evils, furiously pound the Cleveland Agora

The Cleveland Agora hosted FLAW, Righteous Vendetta, B4i and Them Evils with an onslaught of other bands that actually began this event earlier than our scheduled arrival time. The fans slowly made their way into the venue as we witnessed a full night of hard rock and metal! It’s been awhile since we’ve been to The Agora and tonight we got our just due with some of the bands doing interviews with Erica M. Lenhoff in her “Rock Moment” which can be viewed on our Facebook page!

Them Evils

Them Evils from Orange County, CA gave a fantastic set to the fans with heartfelt head-banging rock and roll.  Band members are; Jordan Griffin on guitar and vocals, Jake Massanari on bass and David Delaney II on drums.  With classic legendary influences behind thier music such as Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, it is impossible not to love their sound.  Each memeber brought a distinct unforgettable sound to the stage and I look forward to seeing them again.


A Rock Moment with Erica M. Lenhoff.

Them Evils Photo Gallery.


B4i (Braced4impact) placed an impact of heavy brutal melodic metal upon on us.  We had the chance to interview the band and they were an incredible group on stage as well as in person.  Eight string guitariat, Tao (Chino) Chieng gave us some of his time to talk after their set and shared their mesmerizing history behind their sound.  With melodies that captivate your soul and a heaviness that gets your heart going you will love their music if you check them out or see them live!


B4i Photo Gallery.

Righteous Vendetta

Righteous Vendetta hailing from Cody, Wyoming gave an energetic set of new wave metal! Band memebers consist of Ryan Hayes on vocals, Zack Goggins on drums, Justin Olmstead on guitar, Riley Haynie on bass and Justin Smith on guitar.  The band gives off a very powerful sound and the lyrics behind Hayes’ strong vocals carry a positive inspirational message in each and every song.  They are a force of excellent noise and you should grace your ears with their art.

Righteous Vendetta Photo Gallery.


FLAW as always rocked the night with hard hitting sound and ever powerful lyrics.  Frontman and vocalist Chris Voltz captivated the crowd with profound vocals and excellent lyrics.  Voltz has a true American heart for our country and those who serve it.  He gave his respects to veteran’s, police officers and all who protect and defend our country.   Songs off their latest album “Divide We Fall” back up that true American message with amazing rock.

The sounds were incredible filling the Agora.  Jay Daunt our guitarist was fantastic.  Daunt always is fixated on the sounds he puts forth and executes perfection.  Tommy Gibbons on bass gave off a ton of energy!  He interacted with their fans by reaching the edge of the stage and played up close and personal with the crowd.  FLAW had Mike Smith filling in on drums while drummer Dan Johnson was playing for RED at that time.  Smith did an incredible job and kept our heads banging wih each symbol slashed.

FLAW has a positive and unique sound that has formed a fan base of people that are very close to each other no matter the distance all drawn together by the FLAW message.  We are FLAW FAMILY.

The guys are touring all over and one can only imagine the wear and tear to a vehicle.  If you want to help them get to your city you can dontate to FLAW and help them get a new ride and keep their journey to you go smoothly by clicking (here.)

Peace out fellow rockers!

Erica M. Lenhoff

Flaw Photo Gallery.



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Erica Lenhoff About Erica Lenhoff

Erica M. Lenhoff is a 24 year old award winning artist with a history of baking and decorating Cleveland’s best cakes and pastries. Recently she has transitioned her talents to downtown Columbus.

Miss Lenhoff has worked in the line of photography within a nationwide company where she had brought exceptional customer service working with all age groups and achieving excellent portraiture. Her personal achievement was breaking the top company sales record in 2015.
Over the years Erica has expressed her love for poetry, writing, modeling and representing the arts all over Ohio.
Her hobbies include visiting upcoming venues and checking out local scenes in food, dining, shopping and music.
With a passion for all musical genres she loves discovering up-coming artists.
Miss Lenhoff looks forward to representing Columbus and bringing a taste of the arts to you.

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